'Ubuntu One service will be discontinued on June 2014. If you have files on Ubuntu one you should save them on your computer before this date to avoid losing data.'


Ubuntu One is a suite of online services from Canonical. The service enables users to store and sync files online and between computers and share files and folders with others using file synchronization. Unlike the traditional storage application and service, what sets Ubuntu One apart is additional features like the integration with other services. Ubuntu One offers integration with Evolution for syncing contacts and with Tomboy for notes due to the access to the local CouchDB instance. Further possibilities include the capability of editing the contacts, as well as the Tomboy notes, online via the Ubuntu One Web interface.


There are many ways to keep learn about what Ubuntu one is up to and stay in touch:



Ubuntu One’s support options can be found at the Ubuntu One web site.


We have prepared some tutorials on a variety of topics to help Ubuntu One users up and running.


For a detailed and technical explanation of some of the pieces that make Ubuntu One click here.

“Ubunet” was the original codename for the online services initiative (the Canonical department itself is called “Online Services”), and is the name of the Launchpad project encompassing the backend components (there is also a “control tower” group which is used when landing branches).

A detailed description of all the options of u1sdtool is available here.


There are many ways you can contribute to the Ubuntu One project. Triaging bugs, uploading patches, answering questions on Launchpad are just a few of things you can do to help make Ubuntu One great.

If you are interested in Triaging Bugs see our Bug Workflow. Interested in fixing bugs? our info on Ubuntu One Packaging and Code and Licensing might be of interest to you.

Interesting projects using Ubuntu One and related technologies can be found here.

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