Plans for integrating UbuntuOne services into the Ubuntu Desktop.

Current status can be found at UbuntuOne/DesktopIntegration/Status

Feature list with target releases


  • First run
    • Guide user through account setup
  • File Sharing
    • Client Applet
      • Right click lets you:
        • Open Ubuntu One folder
        • Take you to your account in the web UI
        • File a bug
    • Sync Daemon
      • Properly sync many files between multiple computers (sample size of more than 1000)
      • Edit files and verify changes propagate to multiple computers
      • Delete files on any of the computers and verify it propagates
      • Read-Only shares work and are indeed read only
      • Read/Write shares allow for editing and adding files by multiple accounts
    • Desktop integration
      • Ubuntu One bookmark appears in Places and in the left side of nautilus
      • You can right click to create an Ubuntu One share, both read-only and read/write
      • Manage shares including viewing who has access, and revoking shares
      • Verify emblems appear properly for uploads and downloads
    • WebUI
      • Browse files
      • Create/revoke shares

* Packaging

  • Source releases available

* Authentication

  • oauth keys in Gnome Keyring
  • LP is our OpenID provider

* Contact Sync

  • contacts database
  • contacts publisher


  • Desktop Sharing

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