Can I sync contacts to other platforms?

The Ubuntu One contacts sync feature relies heavily on a database technology called CouchDB. Evolution has already been enhanced to support CouchDB as an address book source. This is what enables easy synchronization between Ubuntu desktops and Ubuntu One. Unfortunately, not all desktop applications and operating systems work with CouchDB today. This has made it difficult to extend contacts synchronization beyond Evolution and the Ubuntu desktop.

We're excited that our technology provider Funambol enables us to extend contacts synchronization capabilities to new platforms and desktop applications. Funambol offers a Thunderbird synchronization plugin so Evolution will not be the only choice for Ubuntu users who want to sync their contact with Ubuntu One. Funambol also supports synchronization with Microsoft Outlook on Windows and the Mac OS X Address Book application. Free trial and paid Ubuntu One users will have access to this capability as part of the Mobile Contacts Sync feature. More information and software downloads can be found at Funambol forge. Tutorials for synchronizing Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook contacts can be found at:

We will not stop pursuing a more native synchronization capability on the Ubuntu desktop and on other platforms. We encourage anyone to support our efforts with bringing CouchDB to Thunderbird and other operating systems. Hopefully this will happen in the near future and all Ubuntu One users will have more choices for synchronizing their contacts.

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