How do I delete a CouchDB database

Databases in CouchDB are identified simply by their names. The standard names used by Ubuntu One/!DesktopCouch are the following:

  • contacts: Evolution Contacts (evolution-couchdb)

  • notes: Tomboy Notes

  • bookmarks: Bindwood Firefox plugin for bookmarks

Please use corresponding database name instead of $dbname (e.g. to remove evolution contacts, use contacts database)

Open Applications->Accessories->Terminal and run:

  cd /tmp
  python ubuntuone-couchdb-query --http-method=DELETE $dbname 

This will remove the corresponding database from

Please note that the replication will synchronize your database again, you will need to remove local desktopcouch database too:

  cd /tmp/
  python --drop $dbname 

This will remove the database from your local CouchDB instance and it will no longer be synchronized. Please note that you will need to perform the last step on every computer you have synchronized to.

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