How do I prevent Ubuntu One from syncing all my CouchDB databases?

In Ubuntu 10.04 LTS you can limit some of the databases CouchDB synchronizes with Ubuntu One by using the Ubuntu One Preferences (System->Preferences->Ubuntu One) and click on the Services tab to see the options for disabling CouchDB databases there.

If you need control beyond that you can limit which databases Ubuntu One synchronizes with the Ubuntu One servers by setting a new key "excluded_names" in the management database within the ubuntu_one_pair_record document. To do this using Futon, you would:

  1. Open http://localhost:PORT/_utils/database.html?management/_design/ubuntu_one_pair_record

  2. Create a new field named excluded_names
  3. Set "excluded_names" to a JSON list of the databases you DON'T want synchronized with the Ubuntu One servers (e.g. ["db1", "db2", "db3"])
  4. Click "Save Document"

You can also use a script to enable/disable replication:

$ ./ -l
System databases:
 * _users
 * management
User databases:
 * bookmarks
        220 documents, replication disabled
 * contacts
        47 documents
 * daily_journal
        4 documents
 * dc_trash
        276 documents
 * notes
        65 documents
 * test
        1 document
 * testdb
        2 documents
$ ./ -x test
Disabled replication for database 'test'
$ ./ --help
Usage: action [database]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l, --list            List databases
  -d, --drop            Drop database
  -c, --create          Create database
  -e, --enable-replication
                        Enable replication for given databases
  -x, --disable-replication
                        Disable replication for given databases

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