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  • Created: May 06, 2010

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  • Packages Affected: ubuntuone-client, ubuntuone-servers


Maximize the amount of bug fixing that occurs per unit time invested. Decrease the number of bugs not moving through the workflow and creating 'noise' in the queue.


The current situation is:

  • The number of bugs in the 'New' and 'Incomplete bugs (can expire' Category has been slowly increasing. It seems that every week there is a number of bugs that triagers do not know what to do with so they stay in the queue slowly adding to the number of bugs in those categories. This 'noise' in the queue reduces the efficiency of the process
  • The goal of the Ubuntu One Team and the community is to address each and every bug report.
  • Bug reports are a vital source of feedback regarding the quality of the product.
  • Users have an expectation that a bug report will result in a timely fix, and many even expect support via their bug report. There is an increased expectation by some users because they have a Paid Account.

The goal state is:

  • All bugs filed against Ubuntu One get triaged and go through the appropriate workflow.
  • The bugs in the 'New' queue should only be there if they meet the guidlines set for a 'New' bug. Reducing the number of bugs that are there because of uncertainty on the behalf of triagers.
  • Ubuntu One Developers can spend more time fixing bugs when appropriate.
  • Users are reasonably satisfied with the process of filing a bug against Ubuntu One and they have reasonable expectations.
  • Community triagers working on Ubuntu One are well informed about the Bug Workflow

User stories

End User Not Using Apport

A user encounters a bug in Ubuntu One. Based on previous experience they go to to log the bug. They file the bug including a small paragraph of their experience. They then receive a comment/message on the bug to include Ubuntu One logs by zipping their log folder or including the specific logs. The triager then dupes the bug, assigns it to the appropriate team, or leaves it untouched if they are unsure what the issue is.

End User With Apport



A multi-pronged approach to make progress towards this goal state:

  1. Help users use ubuntu-bug to report bugs. This should result in fewer but better quality bug reports.
  2. Develop a plan to ensure no bugs get 'stuck' in the workflow
  3. Work to help set the users' expectations regarding bug reports.
  4. Share tools in use that make triaging bugs more efficient. GM-Scripts, Bug Hugger for example
  5. Limit bugs assigned to teams to bugs which they can and will realistically work on, preferably in the current cycle
  6. Look for new tools that improve the bug triaging process. Desktop Team uses pm-dashboard (now bughugger?) to increase bug triage efficiency. Are there any other tools being used by other teams that could streamline the process.



Bug responses for Ubuntu One using Grease Monkey. is a list of the u1 canned responses. Just add them to the GM scripts The GM script to add the canned responses to is


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