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 {*} ''' Android U1 ''' - Author: Michal Karnicki <<BR>>
The aim of the project is to deliver Ubuntu One file sync service to Android powered devices. The application enables Ubuntu One users to browse files in the cloud from their phone, instantly upload camera pictures or download music, and soon share experience on the spot using URLs to their published U1 resources. AndroidU1 aims to implement full-featured syncdaemon for specific UDFs. Let's take that cloud mobile!
 * Wiki: AndroidU1
 * Code: [[|AndroidU1]]

Ubuntu One, CouchDB, Desktopcouch Scripts, Programs, and Snippets

This page is intended to help bring together the community around the growing integration of the 'cloud' into Ubuntu. I was finding that there were many people independently developing similar applications using CouchDB, dektopcouch, and Ubuntu One. It is my hope that this page will help these people find each other and be able to take advantage of each others progress, knowledge, and code. If you are working on a project no matter how big or small please add it to the list. If you have a good idea but no coding capability, write a blueprint and link the page here.

The Projects

  • Ubuntu macaco contacts - Author: mandel

This project aims to provide a simple an extensible address book application that will use desktopcouch as its main data backend. the fact that macaco-contacts uses desktopcouch provides the following advantages:
* Allows sync of contacts with Ubuntu One * Allows sync of contacts with other application that use the same back-end.
On top of that the application will provide a number of extensibility points to be used by other developer to extend the application.

  • Ubuntu Stipple(Package/Config Sync) - Author: duanedesign

This application writes a list of installed applications to a CouchDB. It then syncs this DB using Ubuntu One. This application will also install the same programs on all synced computers using the DB. This application will also sync your .config files. It gives you the options to save dot files for vim, emacs, zsh, bash, ect.(EX. .vimrc, .emacs, .zshrc. Application is being made extensible to make adding new sync options (plug-ins) easy.

  • Ubuntu Jono Meter - Author: Matt Zimmerman

This fun app searches tweets for keywords saving them to a CouchDB. Saving them to Couch is convenient for experimenting with different patterns, and with larger data sets (say, thousands of tweets, or multiple people). Saving to Couch prevents all the data from having to be DL each time the app is ran. Each time the jonometer is run, it downloads all of the new tweets since the previous run.

  • Ubuntu Rhythmbox Podcast Sync Plugin - Author: Huntly Cameron

The goal for this project is to provide a simple plugin for rhythmbox that will hook up to your Ubuntu one account and sync your podcast feeds!


Rhythmbox References

There has been a lot of interest in using CouchDB and Ubuntu One with Rhythmbox.

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