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Notes on Session Planning

This page is to help people plan their UbuntuOpenWeek sessions.

It can be used as a template for pretty much any kind of class.

Firstly look at the subject to be addressed.

Choose the final objective as to what a viewer or attendee should be able to take out of the class.

Then given the that target, work out a starting place.

Now introduce the time constriction.

Now the hard part work out at what level you are pitching.

A lot can be done with a pre prepared work, more ground will be covered, in more depth.

So with the idea that you have about 2 - 5 minutes to introduce yourself and the subject to hand you now have 55 minutes left. At the end you want to sum up what was covered.

At the end give yourself 2-5 minutes to deliver a summary and link in the contact details.

Decide at this point if you want to take questions.

If you do, usually it is best to leave them until the class material is covered, while interesting they may encroach on material yet to be handled.

If there are two people make a rule about when and how to hand over from one to the other, something as simple as "$nick would you like add something to that?". Remember you are staging this, treat it as an event, it is where people are going to see your area of interest.

Use PMs to work with those who will help with oping you and getting your topic ready.

If you want to suggest advance reading to the class do so on the page that has your timeing on it.

Make sure you have someone else to take over with your material in case of connection problems. Have their phone number and or some other out of band contact method for them, if you loose internet connectivity you wil be impacting not just yourself but those who are attending the channel.

Sample Class Planning


Subject Title


0 - 5 mins


Who am I, Why am I suitable for this, What is the subject matter, What is objective.

4 - 8 mins

Technology overview

Detail the skills needed to achieve the objective, if a user has not got them detail where they are.

8 - 11 mins

Worked example One

The Set Up of the tools from scratch.

12 - 17 mins

Check with class

am I understandable and help debug problems.

18 - 25 mins

Worked example Two

Do the actual work.

25 - 30 mins

Check with class

am I understandable and help debug problems.

31 - 35 mins

Detail how this fits in with $team

Explain the methods for communication.

36 - 41 mins

Summary of work so far and ask for questions


42 - 56 mins

Open session

Q & A note at 53 state last question or two quick ones Wink ;-)

57 - 59 mins

Thank everyone for turning up

Point to IRC channel & Mailing list

Notes: Do set this up on a fresh up to date system - can't make assumptions. If people are keeping up and no problems and we have time comment on or one or two common errors.

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