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bash alpha version

# ptreport V 0.0.1 Alpha
# (C) 2008 Ubuntu Pentest, Emanuele Gentili
# Authors
# Emanuele Gentili <>
# GPLv2, see /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL

# Show ubuntu-pentest code of conduct
more "up-coc.txt"
echo "Do you accept Ubuntu Pentest Code of Conduct? (y/n)"
read coc

case ${coc} in
     Y|y) ;;
[Yy][Ee][Ss]) ;;
     N|n) exit ;;
[Nn][Oo]) exit ;;
       *) exit ;;

# Insert informations
echo "Please insert your Launchpad ID: "
read l_id
echo "Please insert your current IP: "
read pt_ip
echo "Please, enter the name of the platform where you make pt: "
read infra_name

# Including CoC in *-report.txt
cat up-coc.txt >>   ${infra_name}-report.txt

echo "
      Ubuntu Pentest Evangelist Informations:
      IP: ${pt_ip}

      * Starting Report for ${infra_name}:
     " >> ${infra_name}-report.txt

# Write report 
nano ${infra_name}-report.txt

# gpg sign
gpg --clearsign ${infra_name}-report.txt

# Move signed report for attach in bug
mv ${infra_name}-report.txt.asc ${infra_name}-report.txt

# launchpd sending bug ... (we will add python-launchpad-bugs script for automated open bugs)