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I tried to find a corresponding Wiki page but failed to do so. If I am reinventing the wheel here, please let me know and I will merge this to the correct page. //["Motin"]

I am confident that the best user-experience is received if one as a Ubuntu user would have the same benefits as users of the absolute majority of Windows users as well as Mac users - that is: have the operating system come pre-installed, pre-configured and ready to go with full support of all hardware without having to worry a tiny bit about hardware problems. One cannot begin comparing Ubuntu to Windows or Mac OS X without comparing two OEM installations or two bare-bone ones.

Luckily, this is possible, as there is a handful of vendors that sell Ubuntu systems pre-installed. Please expand this page to include every relevant store/website known to mankind. (Also vendors that sell other forms of Linux pre-installed and even those that simply do not ship with Windows are welcome in this list, but please make a clear note of this by the approriate vendor's entry!)

For vendors looking for how to prepare their computers OEM-style, check up on: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview

= Where To Buy Ubuntu Pre-Installed =

NOTE: This Wiki-page is only for vendors shipping continent or worldwide. For national coverage, please make a corresponding Wiki-page in your national linux community's wiki and link to it from here.

== Ships World-wide ==

http://system76.com (Believe it ships world-wide, but free shipping promotion only valid in the US)

== North America ==

== Europe ==

== Asia ==

== Australia ==

== South America ==

== Africa ==

= National Coverage =

Please add a link to your country's relevant wiki-page here.

== Sweden ==
#REFRESH 0 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed

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