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Clear message

What is it?

As Mark stated in his bug #1, M$ has taken too much power on people's minds and market, so I propose we have this UbuntuRequestDay.

Basically, the idea is that:

  • we set a date, we go individually to the IT sections of different Department Stores or any IT related store.
  • we ask the sales person to show us the most expensive and powerful computer they have to sell.
  • we see it, but immediatily notice it does not come with Ubuntu (any Ubuntu flavour could do. Maybe even Debian?).
  • we request they sell it to us BUT without that OS.
  • we demand they sell it with Ubuntu or we don't buy it.
  • Maybe the sales person will call the Supervisor to see how he could satisfy our request.
  • we have 2 options: dissapear or stay stand and continue the process until they either tell us they can't sell it under our demand or something else (?)

The point of doing this may seem nonsense but it is not. On the contrary, we might have the chance to:

  • introduce the name of Ubuntu into this stores
  • have the stores hire some guys who know what we want (maybe us?)
  • open their minds to wake up and see there are other alternatives to the OS they were used to.

What do you think?

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  • That does sound like a good idea, make sure not to force it upon them. But gradually introduce them, don't demand at first, but work toward it. Good idea. -- JohnLambrechts 2005-11-29 21:40:00

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