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Create a version of Ubuntu focused on IT Security. Metapackages will be created and put in the Universe repository to create default sets of security applications. These packages will ease both installation from an existing Ubuntu installation and the creation of an UbuntuSEC CDs.

Release Note


Ubuntu itself comes with a lot of applications suitable for IT security use. There are also many applications useful for IT security that are not installed in Ubuntu. People must known the name and the functionalities of each application to manually install and use it, so newbie and professionals use always the same application, sometimes because they dont known the existence of others application. UbuntuSEC with his metapackages install all applications that a security professional or a newbie that want to learn needs.

Use Cases

  • Harry needs a laptop with all software for his security management work.
  • Jack want to became a security professional a need a set of security applications.
  • A machine is compromised on Andy network and he must conduct a forensic analysis.
  • Andrea needs a security box for intrusion detection and network assessment


To create a disk and metapackages for users to install a security workstation based on Ubuntu. To track and fix bugs related to applications/hardware we focus on.




  • Determine what applications are included in Ubuntu's base install that arent needed in UbuntuSEC.
  • Create a list of applications to be used in each metapackage suite
  • Create the "Look and Feel" of UbuntuSEC
  • Give users the choice as to which suite of apps they want to install at boot by choice of tasksel on the Alternative Disc.
  • Build CDs.
  • Continue to work closely with the Ubuntu community to better the security applications for Ubuntu and its derivatives.

BoF agenda and discussion

  • 26/05/2007 First draft of specification


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