Ubuntu ShareIT is an initiative started by Ubuntu LoCo of Serbia with a goal to ensure redistribution od Ubuntu discs, since duty regulations in Serbia often make problems with Ubuntu Shipit packages. Idea is based on linking the users that are located near each other and listed on the special page on the LoCo website.


User that wants to be a part of Ubuntu ShareIT first needs create a forum account so other users can contact him/her. After that, he/she reports his/her intention to be a part of ShareIT. Next step in proccess is putting the username on the page, and if the user is the first one from his/her geographic area, group dedicated for that area is being made too. If the user is forming a group and needs any of discs, one (or more) member of the closest group to his/her, sends him/her the disks.

Expected activity

Members involved in ShareIT should share disks with new members of community or other ShareIT activists, depending on the ability and current situation. The idea of network is to provide possibility for all users to get a copy no matter of their geographic location. Every user that gets his/her disks should join ShareIT and participate in it according to his/her abilities. For example, user A gives away a copy to user B (with or without refund - it's up to user to decide), and invites user B to join the network. When new user C expresses the need for some Ubuntu disks he/her has the network of now two users which can help. Later, user D will have tree users to contact etc. If the user C doesn't have any user form his/her geographic region, he/she should find geographically closest group and contact one of the members. Then new group will be formed and it can expand too.

Ubuntu ShareIT is showing results in Serbia. Our community is getting larger every day partly thanks to ShareIT because computer owners that want to use Ubuntu and don't have the possibility to download it, can get it trough the network and become part of our community. We have in plan to redistribute Ubuntu addon CD with most wanted applications that don't exist on official CD-s for the users who can't have DVD or use APT over internet.

Ubuntu ShareIT on Serbian LoCo site (in Serbian)

Ubuntu Serbia LoCo coordinator contact for more information

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