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Ubuntu ShareIT is initiative started by Ubuntu LoCo of Serbia in goal to ensure redistribution od Ubuntu discs, since duty regulations in Serbia often make problems with Ubuntu Shipit packages. Idea is based on linking the users that are located near eachother and listed on the special page on the LoCo website.


User that want to be part of Ubuntu ShareIT first need go get forum account with username so other users can contact him/her. After that, he/she reports his/her intention to be part of ShareIT. Next step in proccess is putting the username on the page, and if the user is the first one from his/her geographic area, group dedicated for that area is being made too. If the user is former of the group and needs any of discs, one (or more) member of the closest group to his/her, sends the disks.

Expected activity

Members involved in ShareIT should share disks with new members od community or other ShareIT activists, depending of abilities and current situation.