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  • Welcome to the Ubuntu Students Wiki page. Are you a student or are you someone who is advocating Ubuntu and other Free Software who supports the use of Ubuntu by students? If so, the Ubuntu Students group is for you. Join us at our launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu.students/

  • Ubuntu First steps for all Ubuntu Student members:

Find and join your local Linux groups...
 1. Figure out about your Ubuntu Local Community Team at [ http://ubuntu-us.org/ ].
 2. For finding teams outside the USA, see [ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList ].
 3. Figure out about your local Linux User Groups at [ http://www.linux.org/groups/ ].
 4. Search on Google for other groups, Google: <your city> linux user group, for example.
 5. Join your Ubuntu Local Community Team and Linux User Group mailing lists.
 6. Record what other high schools are in your local area.  Use Google for big cities.
 7. You are now ready to encourage fellow students to also join!!
  • Ubuntu Check out our ["UbuntuStudents/Whiteboard"] to add your ideas and to support other people's ideas.

    Ubuntu Sign up for a [project "UbuntuStudents/Project"] !! Click on Mentoring Available on our Launchpad webpage, and get started with whichever project you like. All members are expected to participate with at least one project.

    Ubuntu Join us in chat on freenode! #ubuntu-students @ irc.freenode.net (IRC clients you can use to connect are irssi, xchat, etc) To install irssi or xchat: apt-get install (irssi/xchat).

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