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||<-7 #FFCC99 :> '''All Possible Backports to Xenial 16.04''' || ||<-8 #FFCC99 :> '''All Possible Backports to Xenial 16.04''' ||

This page will be used to develop a comprehensive backporting plan using a Ubuntu Studio PPA (maybe ubuntustudio-backports-testing).

At this time we will only be focusing on backporting to Ubuntu Studio 16.04 (LTS) Xenial Xerus, and only a few selected priority packages.

Use the following indicators for the status column:
not started - indicates that the backport process has not started
started - indicated that someone has started backporting, helps prevent duplication of effort
ready to test - indicates it has been built for Lucid, moved to the PPA, and is ready for testing
tested#1 - indicates that one person has tested the package
tested#2 - indicates that two persons have tested the package
ready - indicates that a bug has been filed and is awaiting backporting

Backports to Xenial

All Possible Backports to Xenial 16.04


Original Xenial Version

Backported Version

Potential Version Yakkety



Bug #


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