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What is Bazaar?

Bazaar is a GNU version control system, sponsored by Canonical and used for keeping track of sources at Most, or all Ubuntu sources exist as bzr branches.

bzr command cheat sheet

Get Ubuntu Source

There are some nice builtin functionalities in bzr. Getting Ubuntu source is one of them.

Get the source for a development release branch:

bzr branch ubuntu:<package>

For example:

bzr branch ubuntu:jackd2

Or, if you want the source for a specific release:

bzr branch ubuntu:<release>/<package>

For example:

bzr branch ubuntu:precise/jackd2

bzr commits

Warning /!\ Do not add several features and then commit them all at once. This makes it hard to oversee changes. However, making a feature change often means that you edit more than one file. So, it is the feature that should be commited, not each changed file by itself.

To make a commit, you would first make changes. To make new files commitable, you would first need to:

bzr add <yournewfile>

Though you'll seldom do it this way (since you're propably working on a debian package), this is how to create a standard bzr commit:

bzr commit -m "a description of your commit"

If you're working on a Debian package, you'll first edit debian/changelog, and then use debcommit. debcommit reads debian/changelog and uses the descriptions of changes from there.