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|| week 24 || [[UbuntuStudio/Testing/KernelTesting]] Final testing after KernelFreeze || || week 24 || [[UbuntuStudio/Testing/KernelTesting|Kernel Final testing]]: after KernelFreeze ||

During the testing period we try to find any bugs so we have time to fix them before release.

Tasks during development

Application Testing

week 17-20

Application Testing: We do all of our test cases here, well before Final Beta Freeze, so that we have time to fix any bugs we find.

week 21-25

Application Testing: Follow up testing of updated packages

ISO Testing

week 18

ISO Testing: Beta 1

week 22

ISO Testing: Final Beta

week 25

ISO Testing: Release Canidate

Kernel Testing

week 11-23

Kernel Version Testing: Test each new kernel version

week 24

Kernel Final testing: after KernelFreeze

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