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== The purpose of Ubuntu Studio: ==

||1.||<bgcolor="#bed4f3">'''Provide a desktop base suitable for multimedia production work'''||
||2.||<bgcolor="#f3c5be">'''Provide system performance needed for multimedia applications'''||
||3.||<bgcolor="#c5f3be">'''Include relevant and up to date applications that cover all multimedia workflows'''||
||4.||<bgcolor="#f3edbe">'''Provide documentation for users that covers every aspect of linux multimedia'''||
||5.||<bgcolor="#ebbef3">'''Provide various tools (application/documentation) to make system management easy for non-hackers'''||
||6.||<bgcolor="#FFC799">'''Report/adress bugs/issues/ideas upstream to Ubuntu -> Debian -> Software Developers to improve applications and packages'''||
== Ubuntu Studio Development Schedule ==

 * [[UbuntuStudio/DevelopmentReleaseSchedule]] - Current Ubuntu Studio Development release schedule
 * [[UbuntuStudio/LTSReleaseSchedule]] - Current Ubuntu Studio LTS release schedule
 * [[UbuntuStudio/ReleaseScheduleTemplate]] - Template for creating a release schedule page

[[UbuntuDevelopment/ReleaseProcess]] - The Ubuntu Release Process

Under Construction



  • Add vocabulary list (words like upstream, SRU, etc)
  • Ubuntu membership and benefits -

  • Create page(s) about the relationship between Debian / Ubuntu / Ubuntu Studio packages. With hints on what to do, and when to do it when wanting to change a package.

use, standard announcement verbiage, and links to various resources like banners/other graphics

Setup Developer Environment


Information Channels

These are all the channels and methods used for communication within the Ubuntu Studio development community.

IRC at

  • #ubuntustudio-devel
  • #ubuntustudio (user channel)

IRC chatting is the quickest and most common communication method used in Ubuntu Studio development.

* IRC HowTo - for those not familiar with IRC

Mail lists

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