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Development Cycle

Currently, development is done in 6 months periods, correlating with our releases. Usually Ubuntu Studio is released in April and October of every year. LTS (long term support release) is released every 2 years, and development for that is done over a two years period.

Release Schedule

To keep track of important dates, we use a development release schedule. See our current developmemt release schedule for an oversight of important dates.

Important Events

A development cycle is divided into different periods, following the important events that occur.



Starts roughly at:

Ends roughly at:

Feature Definition

We plan for what features to add for the next release of Ubuntu Studio.

week 1

week 4 - FeatureDefinitionFreeze


The period during which we add features to Ubuntu Studio - application development, changing settings, artwork, etc.
The end date depends on the development type.

week 1 (or before)

feature addition ends:
week 17 - FeatureFreeze
artwork development ends:
week 20 - UserInterfaceFreeze
kernel development ends:
week 24 - KernelFreeze

Beta Testing

Begins at DebianImportFreeze. Initially we test Debian packages for bugs. Once we hit feature freeze, we start doing beta testing.

week 17

week 25 - FinalFreeze


When we release, we need to make release announcements, adjust our website, etc.

week 26


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