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Development Cycle

Currently, development is done in 6 months periods, correlating with our releases. Usually Ubuntu Studio is released in April and October of every year. LTS (long term support release) is released every 2 years, and development for that is done over a two years period.

Release Schedule

To keep track of important dates, we use a development release schedule. See our current developmemt release schedule for an oversight of important dates.

Important Events

A development cycle is divided into different periods, following the important events that occur.



Starts roughly at:

Ends roughly at:

Feature Definition

We plan for what features to add for the next release of Ubuntu Studio.

week 1

week 5 - FeatureDefinitionFreeze


The period during which we add features to Ubuntu Studio - application development, changing settings, artwork, etc.
The end date depends on the development type.

week 5 - FeatureDefinitionFreeze

feature addition ends: week 18 - FeatureFreeze
artwork development ends: week 21 - UserInterfaceFreeze
kernel development ends: r24 - KernelFreeze

Debian Package Testing

Begins at DebianImportFreeze. We test all Debian imported packages in the Ubuntu Studio package set for bugs, so we have a chance of fixing them - preferably fixing them upstream in Debian, and then resyncing.
All testing should be done within 1-3 weeks, so that there is enough time to report bugs, document them, and perhaps even fix them before the first beta release.

week 16 - DebianImportFreeze

week 19

Beta Testing

At this point, everything should be done as far as features and artwork goes.
We publish our Betas, so that our users can help us in catching bugs.

week 19

week 25 - FinalFreeze

Feature Specifications (blueprints)

Planning of feature changes is done primarily by the use of feature specifications in the form of blueprints at See our Blueprints page for an oversight of our active blueprints.

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