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Ubuntu Studio is the perfect platform on which to educate users about multimedia production using FLOSS tools, so we should find ways to do this as best and as efficiently as possible. Because we are a small team, we should try to use already existing documentation to as a high degree as possible, but use our website or some other means where to hilight it.

As for Ubuntu Studio specific workflows, it is quite important that we provide some of our own created documentation. Preferably as video tutorials (as that seems to be what most like to use to educate themselves lately, when it comes to practical education), but also using written documentation in cases where that is important.

About the Content


This feature definition will be drafted for a long period of time, and will illustrate documentation we need (which subjects, and under which category), and will fall under two types:

  • the kind of documentation we need to create ourselves (Ubuntu Studio specific)
  • the kind we could create ourselves, but is simpler to just link to from other sources

DE environment

Since we are aiming at becoming desktop agnostic, this is not our main field and where we should put our focus. But, at least we can link to existing documentation about different DEs.

For our default DE we should at least make sure that the user has access to documentation on installing software and how to change system settings.


The documentation will be organized based on our defined workflows (which our metas are based on), currently audio, graphics and video, though we have a few under discussion, such as writing and game development.

And many other categories would fall under one of the already mentioned workflows as subcategories, such as photography, which falls under graphics and publishing which to some degree falls both under graphics and writing. Other possible subcategories would be things like multi tracking, mixing and mastering which all fall under audio, or even more specifically creating humanoid models using blender.

Including generic documentation for the purpose of education

We can also include more generic type of documentation, like the science of digital audio, or similar things.

Basic OS specific documentation (Desktop agnostic)

  • Understanding and installation of (free vs proprietary - free ones are usually already installed):
    • video drivers
    • codecs (audio and video)
    • drm

List of external docs that we can use or be inspired by

Categories and subcategories for documentation

Add new categories here, also adding whether we should create it ourselves, or we should include it from outside sources (and in that case, you may also provide a link), and if it should be written or in video.


  • Quick introduction to what Ubuntu Studio is and can do (youtube video, made by us, and used to "market" our OS.


Ubuntu Studio specific documentation

  • Introduction to ALSA, pulseaudio and jack
  • Introduction to audio devices and controlling them in pulseaudio/ALSA
  • Basic jack (select audio device, basic understanding of latency settings and understanding pulseaudio bridge)
  • Advanced jack (advanced options, multiple audio devices
  • Basic recording
    • Using Audacity (and why and when you should use Audacity)
    • Using Ardour (and why and when you should use Ardour)
    • Using qtractor (and why and when you should use qtractor)
  • Basic sequencing
  • Virtual instruments (what they are, and how top use them in different applications)
  • Plugins - how to use them, and examples of usage
    • Dynamic plugins (compressors, limiters, gates)
    • EQs
    • Reverbs
    • Distortion plugins
    • Virtual amps
    • Delays
    • Other misc (chorus, flanger, etc)
  • Using VSTs in Ubuntu Studio (using free ones as examples)
  • Producing music with ardour (a mix of things related, some or all can be from existing documentation)
    • multitracking
    • using multiple applications and syncing them with jack
    • mixing in ardour
    • mastering in ardour
  • Using MuseScore

Generic Documentation

  • Understanding digital audio - THEORY (use existing documentation)
  • Understanding audio processing - THEORY (preferably use existing documentation for all of the below)
    • Dynamics - EQ
    • Dynamics - Compressor
    • Dynamics - Limiter
    • Dynamics - Gate
    • Dynamics - Multiband Compressor
    • Reverb
    • Delay
    • Chorus






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