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 * Contribute  * Community/Contribute
 * (Merchandise)

We are planning to update the website look and content for the release of 16.04.


  • Base on the WP ubuntu-community authored by knome.

  • Use official colors and artwork (CoF and text logo)
  • Keep it simple and clear and with a look that seems relevant to Ubuntu Studio


The general look should be dark. We use our official colors, mainly blue, for the artwork.

  • Official Blue #009BF9 (main color, but also representing the audio workflow)
  • Official Orange #E27D15 (not written in stone yet, representing graphics)

  • Official Purple #574BBC (representing video)
  • Dark Grey (not defined yet, also a basis for a possible desktop theme)
  • Very light grey (not defined yet)

General Styling Guidelines:

  • Top Bar Background: blue
  • Top Bar Foreground: white
  • Content background: dark grey
  • Content foreground: very light grey
  • Content links: blue


  • Front Page (This could be the Feature Tour)
  • Feature Tour
  • Download
  • Documentation (possible written docs, videos, and link to the help wiki)
  • News (possibly aggregated to social sites)
  • Community/Contribute
  • (Merchandise)
  • About

Custom Pages

At least the front page and feature tour pages need to be custom. But, all pages can be, except the news page. So, we need a way to create custom pages in WP.

Custom pages may be individually themed. Specifically the feature tour page.

Things we want to be able to do in our custom pages:

  • Full width images
  • Custom backgrounds for different elements

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