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'''To start testing and development, you will need to:''' '''If you want to help out with testing and development, you will need to:'''

Join the Ubuntu Studio Team!

We need people of all skill levels!

Want to contribute to Ubuntu Studio, the most used widely multimedia orientated linux distro in the world? We need people in all our areas of development You don't need to have any particular skills to join us. All you need is a friendly attitude.

Here's what you do..

If you want to help out with testing and development, you will need to:

And that's it! You're all ready to start working!

Next, you'll probably want to check out our:

For reference on development, you have:


Do I need to be a coder?

No, not at all. Most of the tasks we do require no special knowledge. And, what you don't know today, we can help you learn. So, really, don't hesitate to get involved if you want to contribute. We want people of all skill levels!

Is Ubuntu Studio a volunteer project?

Yes. Ubuntu Studio developers are all volunteers, so none of us are getting paid for what we do. We do this on our free time.

Where can I find more about Ubuntu Studio?

For a detailed description of what Ubuntu Studio is, and how we work at developing it, read What is Ubuntu Studio?

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