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Add info on joining the Ubuntu Studio team here

  • A very quick introduction to Ubuntu Studio development
  • To join, Do this:
    • Subscribe to the mail lists
    • Login to the #ubuntustudio-devel irc channel and say hi
    • (Optional, but very useful - needed for testing and development)
      • Install the development release of Ubuntu Studio
    • set up gpg and ssh (needed for a lot of things)
    • Join launchpad, and the ~ubuntustudio team
  • What we do
  • Our mission
  • Contact us
  • Our teams

Ubuntu Studio is an official flavor of Ubuntu, which means the following:

  • Ubuntu Studio shares repositories with Ubuntu, and other Ubuntu flavors, so the main difference between Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio is really what packages and settings you get when doing a standard desktop installation.

  • Most of the packages are directly imported from Debian repos, from their testing and unstable releases and experiemental repository. (More about Debian/Ubuntu on the wiki: