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First of all..

Do I need to be a coder? - Most of the tasks we do do not require any special knowledge. And, what you don't know today, we can help you learn. So, really, don't hesitate to get involved if you want to contribute. We want people of all skill levels!

Ubuntu Studio is strictly a volunteer project? - Yes. Ubuntu Studio developers are all volunteers, so none of us are getting paid for what we do. We do this on our free time.

Where can I find more about Ubuntu Studio? - For a detailed description of what Ubuntu Studio is, and how we work at developing it, read What is Ubuntu Studio?

To join us, do this:

Subscribe to the mail lists

  • Ubuntu-Studio-devel - All types of discussion apart form providing user support on this list
  • Ubuntu-Studio-user - the user mail list. good for providing user support and making announcments.

Join #ubuntustudio at

We do most of the discussion on irc.

Set up some preliminary tools, and join Launchpad

We use launchpad for planning, and task management. So, even if you're not planning on coding, it is very helpful if you add an account there.

  • set up gpg and ssh (needed for a lot of things)
  • Join launchpad, and the ~ubuntustudio team

Install the development release

This is optional, but more or less required for most of the tasks we do. If you are in any way