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[[UbuntuStudio/BlueprintsTemplate|Release Blueprints Template]] - used when planning for next release

Registering a blueprint for a Ubuntu Studio project

A blueprint could be for anything, but it always needs to be registered within a project of some sort.

Things to keep in mind before registering:

Dependency structure for Ubuntu Studio topics

Example of a release targeted blueprints tree for Ubuntu Studio 14.04:

Structure for the ubuntustudio project blueprint topics

  • ubuntustudio-? (main topic)

    • core-? (subtopic)

    • applications-? (subtopic)

    • art-? (subtopic)

    • documentation-? (subtopic)

    • website-social-? (subtopic)

Each subtopic will have dependencies to blueprints from other Ubuntu Studio projects. Next is a table that shows the structure of those dependencies:

CategoryUbuntuStudioPlanning CategoryUbuntuStudio

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