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Ubuntu Studio Team Meeting 11th January 2009

Points in the agenda:

  • Transition to Jack2 (make detailed action plan)
  • Dropping pulseuadio for audio task (decide plan, details and action)
  • Welcome khashayar to the team
  • Task allocation for Jaunty (bug tracking/fixing, packages, art, etc..)
  • Jaunty brainstorm
  • Seed review. (there have been a couple of replacements on our part and I'm sure Ubuntu has some as well)
  • JACK in main (requires FFADO iirc?)
  • Proper use of our PPA.
  • Backport package list.
  • Prepare for Alpha3
  • Date for next meeting

Action plans:

  • Transition to Jack2
    • Pushing Jack to Main: TheMuso

    • Getting Jack2 in our PPA: nedko
    • Testing audio applications with Jack2: khashayar, TheMuso, luisbg, persia, mailing lists

  • Looking for testers: luisbg
  • Meeting with las (Paul Davis. Ardour lead) Jan 16th.: _MMA_
  • Dropping pulseuadio for audio task [canceled]
  • Task allocation
    • packaging/uploading/DVD testing: TheMuso

    • refreshing the desktop art: _MMA_
    • sweep through hydrogen to catch some bugs, can support uploading, and some testing: persia
    • packaging, backports, testing: khashayar
    • pushing libffado: rexbron
    • mailing lists and irc: jussi01
  • Start the Jaunty Brainstorm mail thread: troy_s
    • revisiting Tremulous
    • find the slim percentage that is actually using Studio in a production environment (independent recording etc.)
    • reaching out to Linux DAW bloggers
  • -menu fixes: luisbg
  • Seed review: _MMA_
  • Disk testing: _All_
  • Next meeting: all (31st of January)

Discussion notes (highlights):

  • Transition to Jack2
    • <persia> From previous discussions with nedko, I was under the impression he felt having them in parallel was dangerous. If you somehow install parts of one and parts of the other, it breaks horribly.

    • <TheMuso_> We then need to test all jack clients in the archive, and make sur they work./

    • <_MMA_>

    • <TheMuso_> Also bare in mind that if we want jack in main, should we get it into main then update it, or should we update it then push it into main? If we do the latter, a new report will have to be written.

    • <persia> patchage, hydrogen, jackbeat, qsynth, and specimen are no-brain tests for me.

    • <TheMuso_> luisbg: I am happy to write it [main inclusion report], having done several already/.

    • <persia> I think we need to pick a jack before writing the MIR. Switching JACK in main doesn't appeal much.

    • <_MMA_>

    • <persia> I think we want LADI later. On the other hand, I think we need stable and good for jaunty, because intrepid is so bad for Studio.

    • <khashayar> but then, perhaps we should go with jack1 for jaunty and make sure jack2 gets tested widely for jaunty+1

    • <TheMuso_> Sure. We can get PPA packages ready, and test all the apps in the archive.

    • <TheMuso_> I personally would rather have upstream committed to jack2 as well before we take the plunge.

    • <TheMuso_> And have things ready so that once jaunty+1 opens, we throw it in, and give it a good 6 months to be well tested, even providing PPA backports for jaunty to test it as well.

  • Dropping pulseuadio for audio task
    • <rexbron> Having jack and ffado in main sounds like it fixes most of the pulse issues our users were having (excuse the pun), would it not?

    • <persia> rexbron, About 60%. Another 20% is fixed by having pulse-as-core if we can do that (requires xine and the gstreamer fixes). Another 10% is fixed by pulse upstream improvements.

    • <_MMA_> I was shocked to see this one actually. I was under the impression that Luke's setup worked rather well.

  • Seed review.
    • <persia> Personally, I think we ought to do another ML call for app recommendations. There's some new stuff which is nifty, and some of what we recommend is clunky, and possibly hard to use.

    • <_MMA_> I do want to change our Specimin for FontMatrix.

    • <persia> I really think we need to look at our applications. Are the things we recommend the things our users want? For example, we have denemo. MuseScore was packaged. Do we want to change?

  • Proper use of our PPA
    • <luisbg> should backports be in our PPA, yes or not?

    • <TheMuso> No.

    • <_MMA_> My view. Our PPA is a place for highly experimental or new packages. *Not* for simple backport testing. It adds an unnessesary step IMO.