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I am a 1980 born half-Swiss, half-Swedish happy human. I spent my formative years in Sweden but moved to Switzerland when I was 7 years old. The move helped me to develop my interest for different languages, and today I speak five fluently; French (Native), Swedish (Native), Spanish (Fluent), German (Fluent), English (Fluent). I have a broad and genuine interest for people and this, combined with my well-developed communication skills, gives me the perfect tools to work with in social environments. I believe I am reliable and upfront and a few years as tech-support and product specialist for WACOM has given me good experiences in conflict-management.

At the moment I have a part-time employment in a power-plant fuelled with recycled and sorted garbage, giving me financial security whilst letting me dispose of my time very freely. When I'm not working, I spend most of my time writing music, poetry, creating graphics and animating them, doing PR for a Musician syndicate called Basspistol, creating web-design, experimenting with my GNU/Linux computers, socialising and lately contributing to Ubuntu-Studio in the PR, Documentation and Artwork teams.

Goals for Ubuntu Studio

Becoming the Lead for the project would be an honour and a pleasure. My main focus would be to carry on the legacy of my predecessors and the values that are Ubuntu-Studio, in order to lift it further up. I want to push the envelope of the PR channels in order to refurbish the user-pool of contributors. I want to make sure my favourite Operative System is going to have a continuity in time, remain vibrant, easy to access and relevant in an ever evolving computing universe.

Given my lacking skills in Debian packaging and lacking knowledge of the Debian Policy, my candidacy as a team-lead would be irrelevant without being teamed up with someone possessing those skills. However, I intend to learn these requirements as we work together for an ever better, friendlier and popular Ubuntu-Studio. In the plausible case where my candidacy would be rejected, I would be happy to assist the Team-Lead as head of the PR, documentation and Artwork teams.

For Ubuntu-Studio in time, yours,

Set Hallström AKA Sakrecoer


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