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Clear message

When is the vote?

Vote is every two years in January before the release of the next LTS. So, votes will be January 2016, January 2018, and so on.

This means, the new project lead is responsible for the development of the following LTS, which should be the focus point.

How do we vote?


Who is allowed to vote?


Current suggestion is any member of the launchpad team ~ubuntustudio-contributors.

Any moderated team and restricted team needs to be a member of ~ubuntustudio-contributors. This way, anyone who is hand on involved in Ubuntu Studio in some way, are allowed to vote.

Candidate requirements

  • Candidate needs to be active and available for communication with the Ubuntu Studio community
  • Candidate needs some form of experience in software development in the Linux world, preferably in Debian or Ubuntu.
  • If Candidate is lacking skills in Debian packaging or lacking knowledge of the Debian Policy, at least one other person with those skills needs to commit for the whole 2 year period. Otherwise, the project lead will require outside help for maintaining Ubuntu Studio, which is not optimal.
  • Candidate must create a wiki page from a template, where he/she explains intensions for the next two years of development, and a bit of biography.

Announcing your candidacy

The candidate should create a new page using UbuntuStudio/ProjectLeadCandidateTemplate as template. Then, add the link to the main wiki page for candidates (2016 vote uses UbuntuStudio/ProjectLeadVote2016.