General hints ===============


* Guidelines (hint: Take a look at some of these: )

  • (Practical hints about translating, looks good to med.

    -- perhaps write your own if you have the time Smile :-)

* Translation of common words (Hint: What if you translated, agreed upon the best translation, for these words: and )

* Define the coordinator and the marketing group/person

* Tools: SVN, Kbabel + KDE 3.* + grep (eventually also: msgfmt + magicpo) (KDE 4 uses Lokalize, I suppose you could just compile Kbabel for KDE 4 too, but I have never tried it).

* Use the official mailing list for feedback and questions. Mostly they are friendly and understanding people with the same goals as you. If the only the project leader does this (at least not everybody) it gives less administration, and is probably a good idea.


* Be sure to proof read every string by someone else than the one that translated it. At best use you best translators for this. In the beginning this could be a good way to get to know how your colleagues does it and learn from it. New translators must be checked, - How well do they know their mother tongue? - How well do they know English? - How well do they know punctuation, grammar and other writing and spelling rules? Include the main parts of this rules in the guidelines. Talk about them so everyone knows them. Important terms:

  • Country names city names language names standard computer terms

* Give each translator his/her own file and keep to it until the end, if possible. Warning: Many term in OOo would need expert knowledge in mathematics, databases etc.

Important links

*** Guidelines etc. ***

  • (The main page for the Norwegian translators))

  • (Agreed upon translations of single word Eng.--Norw.)

  • (Some guidelines for Gnome translators in different languages)

  • (Some useful methods and hints)

*** Other useful tools ***

- magicpo, a good tool for automated translation between similar languages!

- Use grep! Hints (use man grep):

  • -A -B -C are VERY useful to find a translation and its English
    • counterpart or vice versa.
    -i -R (recursivenes and caps-insenitivity)

- Use msgfmt to check your translations for syntax errors. Hints:

  • msgftm --statistics filename.po

    -> gives you the amount of translated strings, fuzzy strings etc. msgfmt -c filename.po -> checks for syntax errors

- msgmerge can merge one or more files example:

  • msgmerge --previous -U nb.po templatefile.pot

*** KDE *** [ 75.489 strings for the GUI at the moment ]

  • (When is the next KDE release? Look here Smile :-)

  • (Shows the number of strings in KDE and their translations 75.489 strings all in all at the moment)

*** Dictionaries (spell checker etc.)

  • (In OOo 3x dictionaries are also extensions)

*** ***

[ 73.851 strings at the moment, 44 529 of them for the help texts ]

  • (OOos release plan)

  • (A tool to translate OOo-files into po-files and back again!)

  • (A script for updating the templates, must be changed a bit to be used for other languages than norwegian, but a minimal effort needed)

  • (Pavel Janicks builds)

  • (POT-files for OOo, POT=po template files, needed to update the po-files)

  • (Those last three are needed to build extensions for OOo)

  • (About templates in OOo, in OOo 3x they are extensions too)

  • (A service to ease the official downloads of OOo)

  • (Also gives an overview over translations of OOo 3.0)

  • (System requirement for OOo)

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