This page describes what is required to be passed between scopes and renderers. It is to fulfill a work item from

Passing from scope to lens

TV Guide

The scope needs to pass (chanID, ChanName, ChanIcon, StartTime, Endtime, Title, SubTitle) to the tv guide lens. Previews should also show (Description, AirDate, OrigAirDate). As there isn't any "playback" from the tv guide, clicking on a show should either A) Open the preview, or Awesome! B) Set an episode recording for the show.


The scope needs to pass (Title, SubTitle, Icon, URI) to the lens. Previews should include relevant information for the video, and works well with what is available now.

Passing from video playback to scope

Once a video is finished playing, the renderer needs to pass back the URI along with a "watched" flag and trigger the scope to mark the recording as watched. This is an essential functionality of a DVR so it can schedule recordings and manage disk space appropriately.

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