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 * [[/Actions/LanguagePackGeneration|Language pack generation]]
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  * Trigger generation for SRUs   * [[Translations/TranslationLifecycle/LanguagePackGeneration#RecipeLangpackSruUpdate|Initiate and coordinate stable release updates]]


The Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team is a group of community members actively involved in the Ubuntu translation process who take care of all the associated administrative and coordinative actions. They will also act as mediators and take a leading role if disputes or conflict situations regarding translations arise.

(i) If you are instead looking for information on how to translate Ubuntu, you probably want to go to the general Ubuntu Translations site.


These are the actions or activities the team takes care of

Release process

These are the regular actions the team takes care of during the release cycle

Ongoing projects

This is the list of ongoing projects the team is currently working on. Note that these are open to all community members to participate in. See also the tasks in Launchpad


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