Tasks are the core functionality of UbuntuWanted. These objects describe a task and its requirements within the Ubuntu Community.

Release Note

The current version already has tasks, and this specification doesn't aim to replace that. The idea is to extend the current system.

Use Cases

  1. Fred is the leader of the Ubuntu Website team and has a problem. He desperately needs to find someone to design the default Firefox startpage and the new version of Ubuntu is already being released in 5 days! He hears about Ubuntu Wanted and goes to the website, logs in 1 and creates a new task. He gives a title, duration and description, selects the required skills and inserts the due date. Ubuntu Wanted lists it in the 'urgent' box and marks the task accordingly. People can now search for the task.

  2. Laura is a skilled programmer and decided she wanted to help Ubuntu. She heard of Ubuntu Wanted and went to visit the website. She searches and eventually finds some tasks she likes. She applies to those tasks.


An overview of the design:

Included information

The following information can be included by the poster in a task:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Estimated duration
  • Number of people needed
  • Skills and experience levels

  • Due date
  • Application method

The following information is added by the system:


  1. See UbuntuWanted/Permissions for the authentication procedure (1)

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