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Clear message

If it is you, this week, who is about to send out the UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter, please pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Use the [:UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/IssueTemplate:Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Template] to start out.

  • You can use gobby to cooperate with the team more effectively (sudo apt-get install gobby).
  • Have the MarketingTeam proofread all that is written.

  • Don't forget to credit anyone who has contributed to this release (old editors who have not contributed don't need to be credited)
  • Before sending, be sure to: [BR] - have all sections completed[BR] - run a spellcheck[BR] - FIX any FIXME tags[BR] - check all images are in place and the links are valid[BR]
  • When sending, send from your @ubuntu.com address, send ONLY in plain text.
  • Send to ubuntu-news@lists.ubuntu.com