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= In the Blogosphere =
  * [ Linux — A new user’s review] provides a pros and cons of Linux versus and windows and concludes "All in all I have been very impressed with Ubuntu Linux 7.10 and would recommend it to anyone who is willing to learn a new operating sytem." -- -- MarkStosberg [[DateTime(2008-06-10T22:28:39Z)]]

Do you have any ideas for the newletter? Got some news for us? Drop it all here

News Items

Let us know what is going on in the Ubuntu world. Please do not use this as a place to get hits on your website, as we do not pimp for google ads. Sorry. -- sign your name (put @SIG@ It will be expanded when you save the changes, so don't worry when you don't see the timestamp and username in the preview)

In the Blogosphere

Out of Date News items


General Ideas

  • Add a Team of the Week section
  • Tip of the Week

Feature of the Week Ideas

In an effort to have the feature of the week be useful and relevant to the widest possible audience here are some guide lines to follow when writing your proposal.

  1. Try to use applications that are available via Applications -> Add/Remove... (GAI) or secondly Synaptic. These are easier for users to find.

  2. We would like to try to stay away from features that require users to use the command line or edit sensitive configuration files. This is not a strict rule, but more friendly GUI apps are easier for newer users to try. There is a greater chance of someone following your directions and making use of the app if it is easy to install.
  3. We like to focus on good apps/features that are simply lesser known. We like to give these lesser known gems there time in the lime light too.
  4. Try to provide links to the app main web site where readers can find additional information about the app.
  5. Tell the readers why the feature is so useful, maybe how it has helped you. This helps readers understand the reason the app is so great and will increase the likely hood of the reader giving it a try for themselves.
  6. Try to use simple language. This is a newsletter, not a technical API reference Wink ;) .

  7. The OEM installation mode (new in 5.10)
  8. Translating menu entries using Rosetta and language packs (new in 6.06)
  9. Booting from USB devices (new in 6.06)

Major proposals

Add things that require major structural changes to the way UWN operates or looks

  • Several users are not able or don't want to use gobby (due to port restrictions, the package for Dapper is missing, dependencies from gnome libs). Therefore, I propose to leave the UWN at the wiki. If the marketing-team wants to stick with gobby due to its advantages though, we should enable an alternative way to submit articles (on the marketing-list?), make regular copies of the gobby version on a website for translation teams and give more information on the uwn-wikipages on how to submit articles.

Implemented Stuff

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