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 * Package Updates: I like the updated package section. When Edgy  * Package Updates: I like the updated package section. When Edgy starts getting updated packages for Backports packaging, I'd also like to be able to announce those in the newsletter.

 - JohnDong

Do you have any ideas for the newletter? Let us know what you would like to see in future issues of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter by adding your idea to the Ideas page.

Hi guys

I had another thought about something cool for Ubuntu Weekly News. There are a ton of features in Dapper that people don't know about. And of course there will be a bunch of new features in Edgy. Many, if not most of these are listed as specs.

It would be cool, each week, to have a paragraph on a Dapper feature (implemented) perhaps with some commentary from the guys who did the work. And of course, to also cover a feature-in-development for Edgy, partly as a heads-up "what's coming down the pike" and partly as a way of getting developers interested in helping deliver that new feature.



Agreed. This may also be a good way to help inspire some kind folks to document some of these features, since there are some shiny features that aren't necessarily discoverable.

Some examples off the top of my head:

- The OEM installation mode (new in 5.10) - Translating menu entries using Rosetta and language packs (new in 6.06) - Booting from USB devices (new in 6.06)

Perhaps it would be a good idea to create a wiki page to pool ideas for future editions of these various "<foo> of the week" categories. I'd gladly add new bullets there when I think of them, and someone could select an interesting one from the list each week.

App of the week

  • Highlight an interesting application in main. Write a one-paragraph introduction to an app you love, with a link to more information for interested users. This would be a good way to help users discover new applications and make the most of their Ubuntu systems. Suggestion to get things started: update-manager (specifically the

    Breezy->Dapper upgrade functionality, which is already documented)

Team of the week

  • Introduce a new or existing Ubuntu team, describe its purpose, provide contact information, instructions for joining the team in Launchpad, etc. Invite people to join if they are interested in helping the team pursue its goals. Suggestion to get things started: ubuntu-printing (tired of complaining about printing bugs? here's how to help! one of the existing members can provide a blurb)

Both of these would be accompanied by an invitation for users to submit a team or app for a future week. These can be very short blurbs, and I think we would get a steady flow of contributions once the newsletter is widely read.



  • - mdz

Hey Matt,

I think this is a great idea! It will allow us to learn about other fellow Ubunteiros and understand what they're doing. It would also allow us to share some of our methods for doing [insert task here], which could be helpfull to somebody else.

Three loud Brazilian-style cheers from me! -- Og B. Maciel

We actually planned for something for the 1st Edubuntu newsletter like a Tip of the Week for LTSP deployment - it should be community contributed as much as possible.

The printing problem is a good issue to tackle as well, not to mention mounting drives (if needed) and even some non-trivial stuff like bluetooth which are not properly documented.

Yes its workable =)

It might be a good idea to logically aggregate the list based on the disk set, i.e. desktop, server and alternate install. That way any specific features can also be highlighted in-turn attracting writers who specialize in a "type" of install. For example, I do much more work with server installs and a good writeup on the new integrated LAMP setup would be interesting (oops did I just volunteer to do that?!?!).


Another idea for a recurring item would be a tip, FAQ or solution to a common problem. The folks who do a lot of support on IRC and the forums would probably be glad to contribute ideas for that, to help cut down on their own workloads.

The first thing that comes to mind is I'd like to be able to read the Ubuntu weekly news via liferea/bloglines with all the rest of my news. Considering the weekly news is being wikified, is it possible to get it as an RSS/Atom feed?

Another thing that comes to mind is: Great work guys, thank you Smile :)

Andy Price

Does this have to be limited to main repo? I know there's support (and potentially stability) issues in universe, but there are a lot of useful & stable apps in universe...

Either way, I'll look at getting some short blurbs written; I always enjoy this sort of 'my pet app' things in other publications!


We want the audience to be as broad as possible, including users who choose not to use unsupported or non-free software. Indeed, we should prefer to highlight software which is immediately available via Add/Remove, as that is the most accessible to the most users. - Hide quoted text -


  • - mdz

Hey, I love the weekly newsletter. We've been needing one for quite some time!

As far as suggestions, most of my ideas have been mentioned one way or another by others, but I'll touch on them and add my input:

  • Tips/Tricks section: I think it'd be great to have a tip or "cool software" every week, highlighting on some aspect of Ubuntu or Linux that readers may not know about.
  • Community News: How about some news about the work done by the Ubuntu community? There are people maintaining updated Xgl packages and unofficial Rufus debs, etc. Sure they are unsupported and experimental in nature, but it'd still be cool to hear about it.
  • Common Questions: A dynamic weekly FAQ would be nice. Just focusing on a common problem (whether in development or stable)
  • Package Updates: I like the updated package section. When Edgy starts getting updated packages for Backports packaging, I'd also like to be able to announce those in the newsletter.


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