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Introducing Jaunty Jackalope 자운티 잭거로프 소개

Mark Shuttleworth has announced the name for the proposed Ubuntu release 9.04, and it will be "Jaunty Jackalope." Specific goals for this warrior rabbit will be addressed at the Ubuntu Developer's Summit in Mountain View on the 8th - 12th of December. Included in the new release will be faster boot time and resume time, blurring the difference between web services and desktop applications. The move of all of Ubuntu into Bazaar should provide an intricate pattern of collaboration between developers in a distributed version control system.

마크셔틀워스는 우분투 9.04의 이름이 "자운티 재커로프"가 될 거라고 언급했습니다

The challenge that Mark has set, is to provide customers of the several million devices being shipped with Ubuntu with an experiences comparable to Microsoft or Apple. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shine, and Mark wants to make sure that the very best thinking across the whole open source ecosystem is reflected in Jaunty Jackalope since many people will judge free software as a whole, by what we do.

UI Freeze in place, Alpha 6 freeze ahead

The sixth and final alpha testing milestone for Intrepid Alpha 6 is scheduled for next Thursday, September 18th. Intrepid Alpha 6 will again use a "soft freeze" for main Developers are asked to refrain from uploading packages that aren't essential to the release of the Alpha from Tuesday through Thursday. This is so the archive can be set, and the last show stoppers can be fixed. See the link for further information. The list of bugs targeted for alpha-6 can be found at:

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