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## Things Ubuntu-specific are great, but general Linux goings-on are good to, to an extent.
## We don't need to replicate Digg & Slashdot, but certain things are of special interest.
## Just pulling one example from my memory, the story about Indiana schools piloting
## a classroom Linux deployment, a portion of which was Ubuntu, are good. Ubuntu
## release reviews are also common items in this section.
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=== Upcoming Book ===



Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue ## for the week MONTH DAY - DAY, YEAR. In this issue we cover ...

UWN Translations

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In This Issue

General Community News

Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase II

Interview (maybe move this to ION)

Archive of Interviews

(Work in progress)

Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

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  • All bugs ever reported (#) +/- # over last week

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Infamous Bugs

Translation Stats Intrepid

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5-a-day bug stats

Top 5 contributors for the past 7 days

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  • hew (35)
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Top 5 teams for the past 7 days

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  • ubuntu-au (35)
  • ubuntu-us-ohio (29)
  • ubuntu-pl (15)
  • ubuntu-cl (12)

5-A-Day stats provided by Daniel Holbach. See

LoCo News

Ubuntu Tamil Team

Tiruppur, Nov 22. The Textile Town of TamilNadu, India - Tiruppur(1) witnessed Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex release by its IT Association - TITA(2). Members of Tiruppur IT Association were demonstrated Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex and its various features starting from Tamil Language support, Multimedia Capabilities, Office Suites, Package Management techniques, Wine etc.,

Ubuntu Tamil Team put forth the idea, that a one day Monthly Training program be organized for people who purchase computers through the Association Members, on Ubuntu by the Association itself. This will motivate people to switch over to Free Software with confidence.

Sri Ramadoss and Siva from Ubuntu Tamil Team conducted the event. The second day event explored the Ubuntu Server capabilities for the TITA members. More demand were made on the Server segment.

It was a memorable event and Special Thanks for Tiruppur IT Association for providing us this opportunity. Our heart felt gratitude to Mr. Ravichadran, President of IT association, Mr. Babu, Mr. Thiyagu, Mr. Senthil and others for backing and helping us in conducting this event.

Photos soon at:

(1) (2)

Tunisia Team

New in Intrepid Ibex

Launchpad News

Ubuntu Forums News

In The Press

In The Blogosphere

In Other News

Ubuntu Podcast #13

Josh Chase and Nick Ali from the Georgia US LoCo released episode #13. Some topics covered:

  • Release of Jaunty Alpha 1
  • Ubuntu US shop is open for business
  • Ubuntu Hall of Fame
  • New theme on
  • Lots of LoCos had 8.10 release parties

  • Linux Identity magazine covering Ubuntu 8.10
  • Ubuntu onto the ARM architecture
  • Aaron Seigo, a KDE developer, has a podcast on UStream

Hardening the Linux Desktop

Using Ubuntu as for the tutorial (registration required)

Upcoming Book

Meeting Summaries

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Community Spotlight

Updates and Security for 6.06, 7.10, 8.04, and 8.10

Security Updates

Ubuntu 6.06 Updates

Ubuntu 7.10 Updates

Ubuntu 8.04 Updates

Ubuntu 8.10 Updates

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