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=== Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase ===



Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue ## for the week MONTH DAY - DAY, YEAR. In this issue we cover ...

UWN Translations

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In This Issue

General Community News

Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase


  • We're pleased to announce that Stefan Ebner joined the MOTU team.

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LoCo News

Tamil Team - Intrepid Introduced at Udhagamandalam

Udagamandalam, Nov 28. Computer World of Udagamandalam(1) (a.k.a Ooty), hosted Intrepid Ibex release event at Lawly Institute. Wide range of people ranging form School Teachers, Students, Computer Vendors, Government Officials took part in the event.

Variety of topics starting from different modes of Installing Ubuntu, Package Management, Administration, Tamil features were discussed & demonstrated.

Special Thanks to Terrance S Rajesh of Computer World for making arrangements for event despite heavy rains across the week. Sri Ramadoss & Padmanathan of Ubuntu Tamil Team conducted the event.

Pictures at:

(1) -

New in Intrepid Ibex

Launchpad News

Ubuntu Forums News

In The Press

IBM pushes "Microsoft alternative" desktop

Based on Ubuntu Linux, virtualization technology from Virtual Bridges and its own Lotus Applications IBM created a desktop that should become an alternative to Microsoft. Usage of Virtual Bridge's VERDE (Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment) is said to make this solution more cost-efficient than Using Microsoft Office on Microsoft Windows Desktops.

In The Blogosphere

In Other News

Vibuntu 1.0

Vibuntu is another Ubuntu derivate that is based on Ubuntu 8.10 and targeted for visually impaired users. Therefore it logs on automatically and has Orca enabled by default. Applications that are not or rarely used by blind and otherwise visually impared people, such as GNOME or F-Spot, have been removed.

Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins

Ever got your DVD-Rom locked by someone else? Harrased your console? Or even forgot the root password (Well, maybe not on Ubuntu)? IBM DeveloperWorks has some tricks for you to deal which such annoyances next time.


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Upcoming Meetings and Events

Community Spotlight

Updates and Security for 6.06, 7.10, 8.04, and 8.10

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