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Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #127 for the week January 25th - January 31st, 2009. In this issue we cover ...

UWN Translations

  • Note to translators and our readers: We are trying a new way of linking to our translations pages. Please follow the link below for the information you need.

In This Issue

General Community News

Call for testing of DRBD: Server Team

DRBD has been updated to the latest version in Jaunty. 8.3 brings in some interesting new features:

  • support for devices bigger than 4 TBytes
  • checksum based resynchronization to speed up resync processes over slow networks
  • support for stacked resource
  • RedHat cluster suite (rgmanager) integration scripts

Now that both the kernel module and the userspace tools have been updated DRBD is ready to be tested in Jaunty. Ante wrote up test instructions in a wiki page. Following his instructions and reporting the results is a great way to contribute to the Ubuntu Server team and help the shaping of the next release. If you’re already using DRBD in a specific environment and have access to a test setup, the Server Team would love to hear if this new version works well in your infrastructure. Let us know of your findings at the next Ubuntu Server Team meeting or on our mailing list:


Jonathan Thomas (JontheEchidna) has become a MOTU. Jonathan has been working extensively with the Kubuntu Ninjas, and is firmly among those to thank for both the effective management of Kubuntu bugs and rapid release of available KDE updates. Please welcome him to the team. Launchpad: Wiki:

Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open (46568) -112 over last week
  • Critical (26) +3 over last week
  • Unconfirmed (18566) +185 over last week
  • Unassigned (39101) -190 over last week
  • All bugs ever reported (246624) +1856 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see

Infamous Bugs

Translation Stats Jaunty

  • Spanish (17104)
  • French (52163)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (70628)
  • Swedish (71130)
  • English (Uk) (75619)

Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope," see more at:

Translation Stats Intrepid

  • Spanish (15815) -89 over last week
  • French (61310) -282 over last week
  • Swedish (72562) +/-0 over last week
  • Brazilian Portuguese (74878) -1126 over last week
  • English (UK) (81040) -133 over last week

Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex," see more at:

5-a-day bug stats

Top 5 contributors for the past 7 days

  • dholbach (58)
  • pvillavi (55)
  • chrisccoulson (55)
  • mrkanister (50)
  • jgoguen (44)

Top 5 teams for the past 7 days

  • ubuntu-berlin (68)
  • ubuntu-de-locoteam (66)
  • ubuntu-us-florida (62)
  • ubuntu-cl (55)
  • ubuntu-ca (45)

5-A-Day stats provided by Daniel Holbach. See

Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 5 this week

  • "Scan wireless networks" option in NetworkManager

  • ubuntu main menu icons are too big, they take too much space
  • Every program in Ubuntu is using different way of handling the same problem
  • may look unofficial for certain users
  • Updating several machines on the same network takes too much bandwidth

Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add your ideas for Ubuntu. You can submit your own idea, or vote for or against another idea.

LoCo News

Arizona LoCo Install Fest

Arizona LoCo, in conjunction with the Phoenix Linux Users Group (PLUG), held an install fest on Saturday, January 31 at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. Wireless internet was no problem, plus the team had routers available to patch CAT5 cables into for those that didn't have wireless capability. The installfest took place in an upstairs room, so the team was able to hang their team banner off the guardrail with Velcro strips where it was highly visible to everyone entering the building. The team reported a fair turn out for installs, and lots of LUG folks attending to help if needed. Included by the team was a demonstration of Platinum Arts Sandbox on a Dell Mini 9. The event was a successful collaboration between the LoCo and PLUG, and everyone had a great time with lots of great inter-state cooperation between the team and the LUG's.

New in Intrepid Ibex

Launchpad News

Launchpad 2.2.1 released

The Launchpad team are proud to announce Launchpad 2.2.1, our first release of 2009!

In 2.2.1 Launchpad has introduced:

  • a unique signature for each Personal Package Archive
  • a way to introduce new translators to your team’s way of working
  • an easier way for projects to export translations made in Launchpad.

Included at the link are details about:

Exporting translations upstream

Providing translation work back upstream is now greatly simplified!

There is a lot of translation work going on in Launchpad, for Ubuntu as well as for other projects. There is also a lot of translation work going on for the projects, that is not done in Launchpad. This is especially true for many of the Ubuntu packages that have their own translation effort “upstream”.

For various reasons, translations imported from upstream projects may be altered in Launchpad. One possible scenario is that an error is detected in the upstream translation with no time to fix that upstream and import again, because the next Ubuntu release is imminent. The Ubuntu translator will then fix it in Launchpad and Ubuntu will have the corrected version. But now it is a matter of good community citizenship to provide that change back upstream.

So far, the only option here was to either communicate the changes manually or to download the whole translation file and provide that to the upstream project. Unfortunately this may not be easy to merge into the upstream translations which may have progressed in the meantime. This step is now simplified by a new feature that only exports those translation strings from Launchpad that were changed from what was originally imported from upstream. This export also includes translations of strings that were not translated at all before.

You can find information about the feature on the help page.

I really hope that this feature will find good use and that the upstream translations can profit much more from the translation work done in Launchpad. It is as easy as clicking on “export” and then forwarding the exported file to upstream.

Watch for more enhancements on the import/export front in the next releases.

Ubuntu Forums News

PartyBoi2 interview

Matthew informs us that it has been a little while since he last had an installment of the interview series. With the new year fully begun and things moving back into a regular schedule, he thinks it is time to continue the introductions. Today we get to hear from Karl, known in the forums as PartyBoi2. In the last two years, he has racked up over 3000 posts and helped tons of new users, attempting to focus on posts that have gone entirely unanswered as well as helping beginners with their adaptation issues. To read the full interview, please visit the link below.

In The Press

5 Things Mark Shuttleworth Has Learned about Organizational Change

Esther Schindler of CIO talked to Mark Shuttleworth, and he demonstrated how open source collaboration can improve the ability to innovate.

  • The wisdom of the crowd - If everyone is going in the same direction, then no one stands out, and new ideas and optimization of ideas may fall by the wayside.
  • It is necessary to harness both individualism and teams - Once one has the individual has the inspiration, it takes a team to be able to develop it.
  • Tough times are good - With hard times, people look for more innovative ways of accomplishing things with less.
  • Large changes are only possible when they have the potential to deliver radical improvements - Small changes won't cause people to want to change. It takes large changes, radical improvements, to interest people in moving in a new direction.
  • The earth from space is the most beautiful thing most people never get to see - Seeing the earth from space gives a new perspective on the need to cooperate with each other peacefully.


Sibyl Systems Selected as Solutions Partner for Ubuntu Linux

Sibyl Systems has discovered the stability offered by Ubuntu, and is happy to be selected as an Ubuntu Linux Solutions Partner to Canonical. "In the past we have been hard pressed in our ability to offer a stable and easy to use alternative to MS based software. The linux platform was not ready for prime time as they say, but with Ubuntu that has changed. Not only do you get a stable operating system, but you also get world class software comparable with anything MS has to offer." said John J Rice, president and lead engineer for Sibyl Systems.

Canonical Joins ARM Community

IQ Online reports that Canonical Ltd has joined the ARM Connected Community, the industry’s largest ecosystem for ARM technology-based products and services. Last autumn ARM and and Canonical Ltd confirmed that they are planning to bring the full Ubuntu Desktop operating system to the ARMv7 processor architecture, enabling new netbooks and hybrid computers, targeting energy-efficient ARM technology-based SoCs, to deliver an always-connected, power efficient, mobile computing experience. This version of the Ubuntu Desktop operating system will target the ARMv7 architecture including ARM Cortex-A8 and ARM Cortex-A9 processor-based systems.

In The Blogosphere

36% of Ubuntu Users Seeking Mobile Internet Devices

  • Blogger Joe Panettieri of works with u give the results of their weekly pole about Ubuntu powered mobile internet devices (MIDs). According to the pole 36% of participants absolutely indtend to buy Ubuntu MIDs. 45% might be interested in a MID purchase depending on features, functions and price. And 19% of participants expect to purchase a smart phone or a netbook rather than an Ubuntu MID device. 106 works with u readers participated in the weekly poll. He then continues on with an update on some of the challenges that Ubuntu powered MIDs are facing. He blames netbooks as a major contributer to the delay of an Ubuntu MID device. Mr Panettieri thinks "the netbook craze, coupled with emerging platforms like Google Android, have limited Canonical's ability to drive interest in the MID concept."

Keith Tokash and Ubuntu

  • Blogger Keith Tokash describes his experience with switching from Windows XP on his work laptop to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. He covers programs and functionality that he needs and wants to have on his computer. They are: ssh client, office suite, visio, browser, email client, IM client RDP client, PDF reader, password program, USB to Serial dongle, and EVDO card. Some other programs that he covered that weren't necessary for work were: music player, movie/video player, Dynamips/Dynagen, photo editor, music and movie ripper, wireless, and IPSec VPN. He goes through each and every one of these programs and functionalities and gives his opinion on them, and whether he thinks that he prefered the Ubuntu version or the Windows XP version better.

In Other News

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