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## These come from Click on the link on the left that says "most popular this week" then put the title for the most popular 5.

 * heading
 * heading
 * heading
 * heading
 * heading
 * Touchpad Speed, seperate from Anything else speed -
 * It's not easy enough to install a desktop cube in Ubuntu -
 * display the size of files in software center -
 * Consider Brainstorm contributions in Launchpad Karma -
 * Better Print-preview -




Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue ## for the week MONTH DAY - DAY, YEAR. In this issue we cover ...

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In The Press

New Low-Latency Ubuntu Server Build Proposed

Michael Larabel of Phoronix tells us that Canonical's Tim Gardner is seeking comments regarding a new build of Ubuntu Server that he is proposing. Canonical is considering another build of Ubuntu Server (there is already Ubuntu Server 32-bit and 64-bit along with specialized builds for cloud computing with Amazon EC2 and UEC), but this one would be specialized for just 64-bit platforms that have low-latency requirements and on power consumptive systems. This new build would be tuned for tasks like Asterisk that have low-latency requirements and where the current Ubuntu Server builds may not be sufficient. Though from the initial RFC, it may just end up being an alternate kernel that can be selected during the installation process of Ubuntu Server. The thread regarding low-latency improvements for Ubuntu Server and this new build can be found on the ubuntu-devel mailing list.

Analysis: Will Ubuntu Take Windows 7 In Speed War?

ChannelWeb's Edward F. Moltzen thinks that the Ubuntu development community spent much of the last year losing a lot of momentum, as Microsoft gave birth to its Windows 7 operating system and its latest releases of the Linux OS failed to overly impress. Among the many differences between Microsoft and the Ubuntu community is speed. While it took more than three (painful) years between the launch of Windows Vista and the launch of Windows 7, the Ubuntu folks are already in full stride toward the next desktop release of the Linux-based desktop OS, version 10.04 -- code-named "Lucid Lynx." Ubuntu leader Mark Shuttleworth has said, "Speed remains our goal." And it's a good goal to have. In earlier versions of both Windows and Ubuntu, we've seen Ubuntu overtake Windows in overall system performance -- including speed. The Linux OS still has an edge in boot time, and that edge could grow significantly.;jsessionid=SFZTST5CSBMQFQE1GHPCKHWATMY32JVN?cid=CRNFeed

Canonical to bundle CodeWeavers CrossOver?

Tom Wickline of Wine-Reviews notes that in a official post on the Ubuntu Forums, user Matthew Helmke asks users to complete a survey with the applications they would like to see in the upcoming versions of Ubuntu. Among the applications one can find: Spotify, Pandora, Hulu, Skype, WoW, Picasa, Adobe Photoshop, Apple iTunes, CodeWeavers and a couple more applications. Wickline wonders if Canonical has plans to bundle CodeWeavers CrossOver with forthcoming releases? Most of the applications CodeWeavers already supports and the one or two apps they don't officially support will already run as Unsupported apps in CrossOver now. The only change would be for CodeWeavers to officially support the apps in a upcoming release. Follow this link for more information, and to a link to the survey:``Weavers-Cross``Over.html

Linux Mint 8 vs Ubuntu 9.10

LinuxBSDos.coms says that on the surface, trying to write a comparative review of Linux Mint 8 (Helena) and Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic koala) would seem like a pointless exercise. After all, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. So what’s the point? Well, as in cases such as this, where one product is based on another, there begins to emerge – at some point – a product differentiation. In the case of Mint and Ubuntu, that differentiation has been apparent almost from the first year of Mint’s existence. They compare the benefits and similarities of both distros, and they think that Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) is better in in terms of the Updates Manager, Games, USB Startup Disk Creator, and Cloud Service. Follow this link for their complete break down of both Linux Mint 9 and Ubuntu 9.10.

Ubuntu primes music service

Alastair Otter of MyBroadbandNews notes that although it is not yet official, Ubuntu's next release looks likely to include a music store service similar to Apple's iTunes. The first hint that Ubuntu developers were considering a music store came in September last year when Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth announced plans for Lucid Lynx, the next version of Ubuntu. At the time Shuttleworth made vague references to an Amazon- and iTunes-like music store for the next release. Since then the noise around an Ubuntu music store has grown into a coherent direction and a number of details suggest that the Ubuntu One Music Store is on track for possible inclusion in Lucid Lynx which is scheduled to be released in April this year. Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx will be released in April this year when questions around the Ubuntu One Music store will be clarified but for now it does appear that Ubuntu's music plans are more than just speculation.

In The Blogosphere

Ubuntu LoCo re approval process explained Posted in Ubuntu

Should Ubuntu include proprietary software?

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Wallpapers - The Ubuntu Artwork Pool!+Ubuntu!)

Ubuntu Help Centre To Get Major Overhaul For Lucid?!+Ubuntu!)

The Ubuntu Effect

In Other News

Introducing Ubuntu Electronics Remix 9.10

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