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UWN 200th issue



Issue #1 high points:

  • New look for
  • Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu 6.06 Released
  • Paris Summit to be held at the Charles de Gaulle, Paris hotel from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June 2006

Issue #25 high points: Contributors - Cody Somerville, Jenda Vancura, Corey Burger, Toby Smithe, Martin Albisetti, Freddy Martinez, Melissa Draper

  • Feisty Herd 1 released
  • Ubuntu-devel mailing list split into core developers and MOTU
  • Ubuntu Canada and Ubuntu Nebraska and UbuntuAZ(South Africa) holds first meeting
  • Call for installer developers
  • Ubuntu named "King Distro for 2006" Distrowatch and Google Trends
  • Mark Shuttleworth sends an open letter to openSUSE developers asking for those concerned with Novell's recent pact with Microsoft to "come join the Ubuntu project."

Issue #50 high points: Contributors - Martin Albisetti, Dawid van Wyngaard, Nick Ali, John Crawford, Corey Burger

  • Canonical working on Desktop Training courses, and asks for help from the community to develop
  • US LoCo Teams "Call to Arms!- An effort to get LoCo teams in every US state by the end of 2008

  • New in Gutsy Gibbon - Drag and Drop Gnome application tabs now featured
  • Launchpad 1.1.7 released - Answer Tracker for FAQ, Personal Package Archives(PPA)
  • Canonical announces Landscape, a Web-based systems management application for servers and desktops at Ubuntu Live conference in Portland, OR

Issue #75 high points: contributors - Nick Ali, John Crawford, Craig Eddy

  • Hardy Heron Alpha 4 Freeze announced
  • Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS Release
  • Voting open on MOTU Council Election
  • Launchpad 1.2.1 released - No more sysadmin request need to delete a PPA package
  • Dell releases XPS 1330n Ubuntu preinstalled laptops to the European Markets
  • Full Circle Magazine issue #9 available
  • Community Council decides on the concept of a LoCo Council to streamline membership approval

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  • Cody Somerville
  • Martin Albisetti
  • Craig A. Eddy
  • John Crawford
  • Nick Ali

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