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Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 25 for the week of December 12th - 19th, 2006. In this issue we cover ...

In This Issue

  • Coverage of Community Council Meeting

General Community News

Ubuntu X-Mass Edition 2006

The New Ubuntu X-Mass Edition 2006 include integrated codecs, Flash Player 9, Java, Audacity, New Grub splash screen and animated "very pretty" boot up screen, Isomaster - CD / DVD ISO editor, ClamAV - Anti-virus software, X-Chat - IRC Client, and a lot more!!! For download

Ubuntu Community Council Meeting

LoCo News

Interview on people Behind Ubuntu-ph

1st Interview conducted by Mrs. Yolynne Medina, one of the active member of the loCo team of Ubuntu-ph. She conduct the interview tru email on the people behind Ubuntu-ph, the loCo Team of Ubuntu Philippines. The 1st person assigned to be interviwed is Mr. Jerome Gotangco The Initiator of Ubuntu-ph. Read more about the interview:

Changes In Fiesty

Launchpad News

In The Press

Meetings and Events

Community Spotlight

Updates and security for 6.06 and 6.10

Security Updates

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates

Ubuntu 6.10 Updates

Bug Stats

  • Open (#) +/- # over last week
  • Critical (#) +/- # over last week
  • Unconfirmed (#) +/- # over last week
  • Unassigned (#) +/- # over last week
  • All bugs ever reported (#) +/- # over last week

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Infamous Bugs

UWN #: A sneak peek

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