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Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 302 for the week January 28 - February 3, 2013.

In This Issue

General Community News

Smart Scopes

Jono Bacon announces increased development effort into the Unity dash and “Smart Scopes” which “will result in a significantly greater number of scopes (potentially 100) shipped by default and a better search experience that is smarter in the way scopes are searched for terms, thus delivering better results and higher performance.” Bacon also notes that the Canonical Community Team “will also be launching a project over the coming few weeks to grow the range of scopes ready for 13.04 and ease the development process.”

Announcing Ubuntu User Days Feb 9-10th

José Antonio Rey announces the Ubuntu User Days, which will be held from 9th till 10th of February 2013 on IRC in #ubuntu-classroom (and #ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions and discussion). Schedule is available at

Everybody is welcome to participate and get their chance to learn about Ubuntu from Ubuntu community members.

Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open (103339) +261 over last week
  • Critical (81) -5 over last week
  • Unconfirmed (51276) +235 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see

Ubuntu Brainstorm Top ideas this week

Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add your ideas for Ubuntu. You can submit your own idea, or vote for or against another idea.

Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions this week

Ask (and answer!) your own questions at

LoCo News

Ubuntu Ohio Holds Educational Session

Stephen Michael Kellat from Ubuntu Ohio carried through on his promise and led the Ohio LoCo’s inaugural IRC educational session discussing the Joy of BeagleBoard. A lively discussion reportedly ensued after the main presentation concluded. A transcript with slides interleaved has been posted.

The World’s Largest Barcamp is in Myanmar

Ko Ko Ye of the Ubuntu Myanmar team reports on the involvement of the LoCo team in a recent Barcamp in Myanmar, sharing this link from which says “The most popular topics, Unicode and Ubuntu, indicate a strong interest in bringing the Burmese language into software and a penchant for open source software”:

Photos from the team available in their Flickr group:

The Planet

Ubuntu App Developer Blog: Develop locally, run remotely

Michael Hall informs us about the progress being made in Ubuntu phone project. According to Hall, so far app developers could test apps locally on their desktops. Now there is a possibility to run apps remotely on other Ubuntu systems thanks to Andrea Grandi who has been working “under Canonical’s Skunkworks program with a focus on enabling the developer tools around the SDK.” You can read more about remotely testing on Grandi’s blog:

Jonathan Carter: Ubuntu Developer Summit for 13.04 (Raring)

Jonathan Carter brings us his experience from the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Raring and progress being made for Edubuntu this cycle, including current state and plans for 14.04 edition.

Ubuntu Classroom: Ubuntu Developer Week: Days 1-3

In a series of 3 posts, Daniel Holbach writes about recently held Ubuntu Developer Week. Attendees had a diverse pallet of lectures from how to start with Ubuntu development to automated testing in Ubuntu. Holbach writes “All the logs and videos are linked from the timetable, so you can still enjoy the sessions again and again.”

Ubuntu Women: Ubuntu Women Full Circle Follow Up with Laura Czajkowski

Emma Marshall from System76 brings us an interview with Laura Czajkowski where she compares her activities in Ubuntu world from 2009 and now. Laura also unveils her activities around Ubuntu in the future including her work organizing conferences and events and her job with Canonical.

Alan Bell: Ubuntu Smart Scopes

Alan Bell brings us a very thorough walkthrough how the new Smart Scopes feature of Ubuntu works. Bell writes: “Lenses are now called master scopes, You control each individual scope that you want to search in or not search in, not the master scopes so you will have 100 or so things to turn on or off, If you install a local scope then your client will tell the server the name of that scope” and much much more.

Ubuntu Classroom: Interested in helping with Quality? Several sessions next week!

Elizabeth Krumbach announces upcoming IRC-based sessions about Quality in Ubuntu which will be held on the already announced Ubuntu user days. Topics include Reporting bugs, Introduction to QA tools and more. Most will be held in #ubuntu-classroom but on Saturday the 9th some sessions will be in #ubuntu-quality to avoid conflict with User Days.

Victor Tuson Palau: [Ubuntu QML] SimpleToDo.. done!

Victor Tuson Palau informs us about his progress work with QML and SimpleToDO application. Not only that he is finished with translation which he described in his previous post which you can find here Palau went also little further including work with UI and menus for Ubuntu QML components.

Charles Profitt: Friendly Needs You!

Charles Profitt gives us an update about Ubuntu Friendly project about which he already wrote before. (See the following link:

Profitt writes that the Ubuntu Friendly project needs volunteers from the Ubuntu community no matter on which technical level they are. “There is always a need to have more submissions of laptops and desktops to build the database of equipment that works well with Ubuntu.”

In The Press

Ubuntu phones to come with a terminal—prepare your command line skills

Jon Brodkin from Ars Technica gives a preview of terminal app mockup that Ubuntu design team made and provides us with information about its possibilities/features. “The Ubuntu phone operating system will come with a terminal application. That's right: experienced users will have access to the full power of the Linux system running underneath the phone's shiny graphical user interface.”

In The Blogosphere

Ubuntu 13.04 Wallpaper Contest Opens for Entries

“The contest to choose 10 new wallpapers for Ubuntu 13.04 has kicked off.” Joey-Elijah Sneddon gives us details about Ubuntu 13.04 wallpaper contest from information on how to get involved to advice on how to create a good wallpaper.

Fedora 18 vs. Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 13.04 Benchmarks

Michael Larabel from Phoronix “ran bunch of benchmarks on a Core i7 3770K "Ivy Bridge" and Core i7 3960X "Sandy Bridge" Extreme Edition system with Fedora 18, Ubuntu 12.10, and Ubuntu 13.04 using the 64-bit Linux releases.” Full version of Benchmarks is available on the following link.

Ubuntu Ohio - Burning Circle: Burning Circle Episode 99

This episode talked about issue 69 of Full Circle Magazine and expounded further upon the commentary by Ed Hewitt relative to Ubuntu Phone. It was proposed in the episode that Canonical should take the daring step of designing and manufacturing its own cell phone hardware to go with Ubuntu Phone and the host said he would be very likely to purchase such if it were available and was proudly made in Britain.

Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings

Upcoming Meetings and Events

For upcoming meetings and events please visit the calendars at

Updates and Security for 8.04, 10.04, 11.10, 12.04 and 12.10

Security Updates

Ubuntu 8.04 Updates


End of life - April 2013 (Server)

Ubuntu 10.04 Updates

End of Life - April 2013 (Desktop) - April 2015 (Server)

Ubuntu 11.10 Updates

End of Life - April 2013

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End of Life - April 2017

Ubuntu 12.10 Updates

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