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Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #35 for the week April 1st - April 8th, 2007. In this issue we cover Feisty Fawns' immanent release and the cancellation of Herd6. Launchpad has also been launched with a new interface as a public beta, and we review the long awaited change in licensing for the community documentation.

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In This Issue

  • Feisty Herd 6 Cancelled
  • Feisty frozen for release candidate preparation
  • Licensing of the Documentation wiki discussed
  • Launchpad open for beta testing
  • Migrating from Windows keeps getting easier

General Community News

Feisty Herd 6 Cancelled

Tollef Fog Heen, Ubuntu Release Manager, has announced there will be no Herd 6 since the kernel will be frozen soon and the Feisty release candidate will be available April 12th. You can read more at

Licensing of the Documentation Wiki Discussed

Matthew East of the Documentation Team announced that after much discussion with the Community Council, the licensing for the Ubuntu Help Wiki will now be the Creative Commons By Attribution Share Alike 2.5. It should noted that this doesn't include the regular wiki at, merely the help wiki at If you have any concerns about this relicensing, please contact the community council at You can read more at or

Problems with Archiving of Ubuntu Lists

Because of the high volume of traffic on the ubuntu-bugs and desktop-bugs mailing lists, the archiver is having problems backing up the rest of the mailing lists. For now, ubuntu-bugs and desktop-bugs will not be archived, so the rest of the mailings lists on can be backed up. Canonical would like to know if subscribers of the ubuntu-bugs and desktop-bugs lists are interested in their respective archives and why, since all bugs are already available on Launchpad. You can read more at