Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 5

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 5 for the week of June 25, 2006 - July 1, 2006

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In This Issue

  • Edgy Release Schedule
  • Bug fixes and security updates
  • Dapper Backports Open
  • and much more

General Community News

Edgy Release Schedule

Wondering when The Edgy Eft will be released? No need to keep scratching your head. As expected The Edgy Eft will be released to the world in October of 2006 making it Ubuntu 6.10. The Edgy Eft development cycle is going to be a fast one with only around four months until it's release. Check out the Edgy release schedule at:

Dapper Backports Open

The Ubuntu Backports Team is now accepting and processing requests for the dapper-backports repository. This allows for one to request that a package from Edgy (which is probably newer) be recompiled for Dapper usage. In practice, this allows Dapper to remain reasonably up-to-date while being stable, until the next version of Ubuntu comes out. Backports is geared towards personal desktop users who would like the latest and greatest software (instead of the versions shipped and no longer updated for 6 months) while not wanting the instability associated with development releases.

Backports is managed through Launchpad in the dapper-backports product, which allows us closer integration with the rest of Ubuntu. To file a backport, simply open up a bug ticket in describing what version and what package you want backported.

When newly backported packages are built and available in the repositories, the Backports team will announce them in the UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter, just like how security updates are announced now.

Security Updates

Security vulnerabilities found in the following packages have been fixed in all affected Ubuntu releases:


Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates

New Apps In Edgy

Don't forget quick installation notes, enable extra repository, package name, use g-a-i where possible, etc...


KDE 3.5.3 Enters Edgy

KDE 3.5.3 has started to enter Edgy. Initial versions of the Qt package were binary incompatible so make sure you've upgraded to the fixed Qt 3 3.3.6-2ubuntu2 and associated KDE versions.

Qt 4 was also updated to include all the safe patches from KDE's qt-copy.

There are still many KDE packages yet to be updated or merged, if you want to help sign yourself up to packages on

and ping Riddell on IRC to coordinate.

Kubuntu Developer Interviewed on Podcast

UbuntuOS launched their new extended Podcast with an interview with Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell talking about the plans for Kubuntu Edgy. The interview starts 1 hour 10 minutes in.

Artist in Chief

At the Ubuntu Community Council Mark Shuttleworth announced two Artists in Chief, the Kubuntu a-i-c for Edgy will be Ken Wimer who has been the lead KDE artist for KDE 3 and is doing the new Oxygen icon theme.

Paris Summit

Several Kubuntu and KDE developers were at the Ubuntu Developers Summit in Paris. A number of specification were approved and more are being reviewed for approval. If you are interested in helping with more than packaging and bugfixing in Kubuntu take a look at some of the specs and see which you can help with.

Some of the KDE developers blogged about their experiences

Ellen: Ken: Aaron: Kevin: Jonathan: Sebas:

Finally here's the group photo and key:


Edubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates

New Apps In Edgy

Don't forget quick installation notes, enable extra repository, package name, use g-a-i where possible, etc...


Xubuntu 6.06 Updates

New Apps In Edgy

Don't forget quick installation notes, enable extra repository, package name, use g-a-i where possible, etc...

Bug Stats

New Bugs: #
Closed Bugs: #

Infamous Bugs

In The Press

Feature Of The Week - ???

Additional News Resources

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