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== New in Gutsy Gibbon == == New in Hardy Heron ==
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=== Clutch BitTorrent WebUI Packaged ===
## I think this is a notable package that many Ubuntu users will find useful and deserves a spotlight.
More to come after dinner....
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=== Firefox 3 === === Firefox 3 for Gutsy ===


Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 76 for the weeks February 3rd - February 9th, 2008. In this issue we cover...

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New in Hardy Heron

Clutch BitTorrent WebUI Packaged

More to come after dinner....

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Meeting Summaries

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Community Spotlight

Firefox 3 for Gutsy

  • firefox-3.0 - (URL not yet available) - As featured in Hardy Heron's latest alpha, the Beta 3 preview of Firefox 3.0 is now available in the Gutsy Backports repository. It is found under the "firefox-3.0" package name and can be installed side-by-side with the Firefox default with Gutsy. Firefox 3 will import and upgrade your Firefox 2 profile upon first launch but it will not modify your existing profile, so feel free to try it out hassle-free. Keep in mind that Firefox 3 is still a beta, the packaging is still in a transitioning phase, and not everything works perfectly. Please file bugs against this package in gutsy-backports, not in Ubuntu! (EDITORS: I thought this backport was worth mentioning, though I wasn't sure where to put it. Please move around and tweak wording as you find appropriate!)

Updates and Security for 6.06, 6.10, 7.04, and 7.10

Security Updates

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates

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Remaining string to translate in Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon", see more at:

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