Meeting opened by akgraner at 23:00

  • <akgraner> so attendance - who's here for the meeting

    <cjohnston> me

  • ZachK_ is here...

    <akgraner> also just in case I am lagging - I am connected using my phone ...

    <ZachK_> i read ya just fine

    <akgraner> so basically I wanted to have this meeting to give you all some more information and also gather some information and see what everyone's thoughts were etc

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - Fridge Re'org

- Fridge Re'org

  • <akgraner> I haven't seen the new mock up yet -- but I am sending our wish list and comments from the mailing list forward

    <akgraner> I am of the opinion that The Fridge should look like a news site and not a blog - but I could be the only one feeling this way

    <akgraner> any thoughts

    <cjohnston> I agree... IF... we updated it enough to be a news site

    <akgraner> and that the Fridge should lead to all areas of the community etc

    <cjohnston> If the Fridge is only updated once or twice a week, then a blog

    <akgraner> cjohnston, did you see how many times in the last 2 days it's been updated Smile :-)

    <cjohnston> yes

    <cjohnston> but it isnt always (most of the time is not) updated that often

    <pleia2> I think the goal is to continue posting to it a lot

    <pleia2> we've just been lean on volunteers

    <akgraner> that means if you editors see things they think should be there - we need to be nudging and encouraging one another to add them

    <akgraner> if I can't add it right away - then maybe someone else can etc

    <pleia2> for a while it was pretty much just nhandler and johnc's weekly UWN poss

    <pleia2> posts

    <akgraner> nods

  • ZachK_ would like to help edit the fridge

    <akgraner> so things on devel-announce, or that effect the whole community, interviews, etc need to go there for now

    <akgraner> and when we get the WP site up people can start submitting original content

    <cjohnston> I think we could have different sections... a loco section, a dev section.. a +1 section... stuff like that

    <cjohnston> and someone who is in charge of each section

    <akgraner> cjohnston, that's sorta the goal

    <pleia2> when we get to wordpress we can do that with tags, different rss feeds for each

    <akgraner> nods

    <ZachK_> cool

    <akgraner> which leads me into the next topic nicely of that is ok?

    <ZachK_> topic 2 it is

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - Re'org the newsletter

- Re'org the newsletter

  • <akgraner> so as we are looking at ideas for the Fridge we are also looking for ideas on the UWN as well

    <akgraner> while the newsletter is popular as it is - there is only a handful of people working on it

    <ZachK_> akgraner: to what end?

    <akgraner> and while we are adding links during the week most of the summaries get written on the weekends

    <akgraner> which means people are spending 12 to 15 hours every weekend getting the newsletter out

    <ZachK_> which can be a drag

    <akgraner> what I would like to do is have people assigned to each section

  • pleia2 nods

    <akgraner> and some people can find the links and others can help write summaries

    <ZachK_> sounds good....

    <akgraner> based on your time and talents

  • ZachK_ has a lot o' time and a lot o' wiki skill.....

    <akgraner> so how about I send an email with the sections topics etc that are needed to the list

    <akgraner> and to the loco-contacts

    <akgraner> and see if we can get some more people interested

    <ZachK_> +1

    <akgraner> ZachK_, awesome!

    <akgraner> What I would like to eventually see is most of the work gets done during the week and myself and a couple other people give a couple hours on Sunday and get it out the door

    <ZachK_> akgraner: totally a good idea

    <akgraner> and those sections would also be some of the same sections on the Fridge, but the Fridge of course would have more than what is on the newsletter

    <akgraner> but I thought it would be a good start to iron out kinks in the process

    <akgraner> thought?

    <akgraner> thoughts?

    <cjohnston> I agree..

    <cjohnston> Try getting people to sign up for each section (maybe even two per section if the offers are there) and then have a couple people to clean up and do the last minute things on the weekend

    <akgraner> am I going to fast?

    <pleia2> sounds good

    <akgraner> cjohnston, yep that was my thoughts exactly

    <ZachK_> Say five to ten people during the week pull in all or most of the info, maybe put it into the proper format, then on the last three to two days akgraner myself even and a couple others can put it up there

    <akgraner> cool - sounds like we are on a roll - I would like to see maybe some people who are looking to contribute who maybe haven't gotten involved yet

    <ZachK_> that'd be awesome

    <akgraner> I have a couple of interview series they could start on and get to know the community

  • ZachK_ has some wiki guys who might be able to jump in

  • ZachK_ and me of course

    <akgraner> and some other non-pressure easy tasks just to get their feet wet so to say - so talk to your loco-teams as well please

    <cjohnston> wiki guys arent whats needed... you dont really even need much wiki knowledge to write for uwn

    <akgraner> ZachK_, most of the work as been moved to a google doc atm

    <akgraner> Smile :-)

    <akgraner> so people don't have to worry about knowing wiki mark-up yet

    <ZachK_> cjohnston: yes but the writing skill is what's needed...

    <akgraner> easy to move stuff around, and edit

    <ZachK_> akgraner: yes i know...

    <akgraner> [ACTION] - akgraner to send info on what is needed for UWN to news-teams and loco-contacts list

- akgraner to send info on what is needed for UWN to news-teams and loco-contacts list

  • <akgraner> I'll describe what is needed as well Smile :-) wiki folks are still needed for stuff - getting to that

    <ZachK_> akgraner: when the meeting is over send me some links that i can give my guys k?

    <ZachK_> akgraner: email 'em to me..

    <akgraner> ZachK_, k will do

    <ZachK_> thnks

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - re'org News Teams

- re'org News Teams

  • <cjohnston> +1

    <akgraner> so this is probably the biggest issue in my mind - and maybe issue is the wrong word

    <akgraner> but...

    <cjohnston> based on the discussion from uds

    <akgraner> nods

    <akgraner> so we have a fridge editors team, a news team, and uwn team as well as a translation team in LP

    <akgraner> all part of the news team

    <nhandler> akgraner: I meant to ask earlier, but why are we holding these meetings here instead of -meeting?

  • nhandler

    <nhandler> Well, right now, I would guess that most people don't view the fridge directly, and access it through the Planet

    <nhandler> Whatever content we provide, I would still like to see rss feeds (or something similar) to allow people to continue to follow it in an rss reader

    <nhandler> But at the same time, we want this to be important news for the community. I don't think we should be posting everything that happens to be slightly ubuntu-related

    <nhandler> Those have been making their way there for a while.

    <nhandler> But do we really want to be posting individual team meeting summaries?

    <nhandler> Who is actually working on setting up the WP frdige? newz?

    <cjohnston> wow

    <akgraner> nhandler, I am getting all the information on who exactly

    <akgraner> and we want the Fridge to be "the" place for Ubuntu news

    <akgraner> sorta the official place

    <akgraner> but let me finish the topic we are on

    <akgraner> and I will circle back to that

    <akgraner> b/c mootbot-uk is here and not in -meeting

    <akgraner> (re meetings here)

    <ZachK_> lol

    <akgraner> nhandler, I was asked to post those team summaries for cross-collaboration purposes - so that the community does not feel left in the dark

    <akgraner> and I am working with all the platform and design teams to insure we (the news team) are given the information that needs to get to the community

    <cjohnston> I would think have a section for meeting summaries on fridge..

    <akgraner> nods - for the new one yes - but for now we are working with what we have

    <akgraner> so re-orging the teams

    <akgraner> so I would like to get a handle on who is contributing

    <nhandler> Well, one thing to keep in mind is that we are on Planet Ubuntu. If we are simply reposting all of this Ubuntu stuff, the Planet ends up with multiple identical posts. Should we continue to add the PlanetUbuntu tag to all of these posts?

    <akgraner> who is just lurking - which is fine - b/c lurkers often b/c contributors :-D

    <akgraner> who wants to do what

  • ZachK_ will do whatever is needed..within my abilities to do so

    <akgraner> nhandler, I'll get back to that - one sec

    <akgraner> so teams

    <cjohnston> akgraner: iirc, what we had discussed, is one team (and then a translations team) and everyone on the team was uwn/fridge?

    <akgraner> I'd like there to be the editors team

    <akgraner> sorta

    <cjohnston> Or was it an editors (uwn and fridge) and then a contributors (no fridge access)

    <akgraner> we still need one team that is a list of active editors - for fridge and news team

    <akgraner> as those on that list will be the ones who are able to contribute to the Fridge

    <akgraner> cjohnston, yes the 2nd one

    <akgraner> but with a set process on how to become an editor to either or both etc

    <nhandler> Well, do we want all UWN editors to automatically be fridge editors? They would definitely be good candidates, but I think it would be good to have a separate fridge editors team still

    <akgraner> so that's one thing

    <akgraner> nhandler, no - I am not saying that should be

    <cjohnston> akgraner: imo editors should be asked

    <ZachK_> nhandler: i agree

    <akgraner> I am saying we need to define a process

    <akgraner> that's all

    <cjohnston> not a you do these things and your an editor

    <pleia2> I think fridge editors should still be separate since it's very specific access granted

    <akgraner> and not leave it to a guessing game

    <cjohnston> maybe minimum requirements.. but still should have to be asked

    <akgraner> pleia2, nods

    <akgraner> I like it to be a subteam of the news team

  • pleia2 nods

    <akgraner> but I think if editors aren't contributing after say a year

    <akgraner> or some time - do they still have access?

    <nhandler> Well, they recently added expiration dates to the fridge editors team to try and deal with that

    <pleia2> I think it's reasonable to expire people after a year of no posts

    <akgraner> (I know touchy subject)

    <akgraner> ok we'll include that

    <pleia2> people can be gone for 3 months, 6 months, but after not contributing for a year it's a bit much

    <akgraner> should they have to sign the CoC or be Ubuntu Members - I am just asking

    <ZachK_> pleia2: agreed

    <ZachK_> akgraner: CoC is a must

    <ZachK_> imo it is

    <pleia2> akgraner: currently they have to be ubuntu members, I think that's a good qualification

  • ZachK_ is not....working towards it though

    <pleia2> we are trusting them with an official news source

    <akgraner> pleia2, yep - I am just going over it as a process here that's all

    <pleia2> Smile :)

    <nhandler> I also like the mentoring process that we have in place

    <pleia2> nhandler: yeah, me too

    <akgraner> nods

    <akgraner> so News team - with a sub-team of Fridge editors

    <akgraner> and the translation team - now - does the news team need to be limited to contributors or open?

    <akgraner> which is I believe the reason the UWN team is there

    <cjohnston> limited

    <akgraner> but right now - UWN has people on it who haven't contributed for a while (year plus)

    <akgraner> iirc

    <cjohnston> yes

    <akgraner> so maybe 4 teams are needed with 3 being cleaned up, defined, and as a subteam of an open news team which is how it is now

    <akgraner> I am just asking to make sure when all this is done it is documented and communicated

    <cjohnston> IMO You have Ubuntu News Team... You must be considered a contributor to be able to join

    <cjohnston> Under that you have Trans and Fridge Editor

    <cjohnston> thats all thats needed

    <akgraner> I am wanting to hear what everyone has to say

    <cjohnston> and you can be a fridge contrib (when WP gets up) or uwn contrib to join news

    <akgraner> any other thoughts - or does everyone feel the same ways as cjohnston on this

    <cjohnston> 6 month expiry on News Team.. that way people dont contribute for a couple weeks and stop to show on their LP

    <nhandler> Well, what would a fridge contrib team be?

    <cjohnston> same as the news team

    <cjohnston> the parent news team

    <akgraner> those who send in story ideas or summaries

    <akgraner> but don't post them directly to the Fridge

    <akgraner> we want to encourage more people to contribute in all areas of the news team

    <akgraner> and mentor across the board - from html formats, to writing summaries, to contributing content

    <cjohnston> there is no reason to seperate contributors.. only editors

    <akgraner> and more

    <akgraner> nods

    <ZachK_> true...

    <akgraner> just trying to show all the areas where people can contribute without being an editor

    <nhandler> The only reasons to have a team imo are a) to grant access (like on the fridge) and b) to group people together to make it easy to contact people about things

    <cjohnston> and IMO all reapprovals should be done by an admin

    <akgraner> nhandler, yes but even that is not easy right now

    <akgraner> to know for sure who is active and who isn't etc

    <cjohnston> right.. Ubuntu News Team consists of all contributors to Fridge and UWN... As well as the Fridge Editors Team and the Translations Team

    <akgraner> it's a mess at least for me when I am trying to find people to help with certain things during the week - and on the weekends

    <ZachK_> akgraner: ok so we really need to clean it up then...

    <akgraner> but that could just be me - and if it is - then I can roll with it

    <ZachK_> I'd start with contacting the "members" and just saying you know, "If you're still with this team and contributing please let us know" if they don't respond remove them

    <akgraner> now comes the wiki part

    <akgraner> so with all the re'org'ing

    <akgraner> that means the wiki's will need to be fixed as well

    <ZachK_> WIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <akgraner> ZachK_, this is where I would like to lean a little heavy on you

    <ZachK_> sorry got excited

    <nhandler> 2b4f87aa:89aa29c3

    <nhandler> Ignore that, sorry

    <akgraner> nhandler, no worries Smile :-)

    <ZachK_> lol @ nhandler

    <ZachK_> akgraner: ok...lean on me

    <akgraner> so I'd like to come up with some new pages - but not put them in place yet just get them ready

    <cjohnston> dont lean with the hurt shoulder

    <ZachK_> cjohnston: +1

    <ZachK_> akgraner: ok

    <akgraner> in maybe a /NewsTeam/New/ whatever

    <ZachK_> akgraner: google docs will be perfect for that

    <akgraner> then once we've looked at them - and people have seen them - and can tweak them etc

    <akgraner> we put them in place

    <ZachK_> akgraner: make a google doc with the format all set, info in there and we can figure out the title

    <akgraner> ZachK_, yeah that will work for me as well

    <ZachK_> akgraner: I say a Google Doc because we can fiddle with it concering the info in the page and the title...less chance of messing up the wiki that way

    <akgraner> ZachK_, I'll send an email next week - and see who all wants to help

    <ZachK_> akgraner: ok...

    <ZachK_> akgraner: I'd get started right now if you wanted me to

    <akgraner> then we can all get started on it

    <akgraner> does that sound ok to everyone?

    <akgraner> or does anyone have another suggestion on the wiki's

    <akgraner> [ACTION] - akgraner to send call for volunteers to help re'org wiki pages

- akgraner to send call for volunteers to help re'org wiki pages

  • <akgraner> oh and nhandler since you are really awesome at identifying processes and gaps if you could review and QA the new pages that would be awesome

    <akgraner> sorry I am lagging

    <akgraner> and losing connection

    <ZachK_> akgraner: iphone?

    <pleia2> tsk ZachK_, n900 Smile :)

    <nhandler> akgraner: Sure thing. Just make sure you share the google doc pages with me and poke me when ready

    <ZachK_> pleia2: wha?

    <akgraner> nhandler, nodes Smile :-)

    <pleia2> ZachK_: no iphones here! we have linux based phones

    <akgraner> ok we have 8 mins left

    <cjohnston> pleia2: buy me one

    <akgraner> nhandler, back to your points

    <nhandler> Smile :)

    <akgraner> so - Fridge - is meant to be the Community Information source

    <ZachK_> akgraner: correct

  • ZachK_ will be back

    <akgraner> and a path to all areas of the community, ubuntu, and canonical (as they are part of this picture as well)

    <akgraner> so the new Fridge will have many different areas

    <akgraner> but right now we don't have separate pages for different items

    <akgraner> but I heard from people this week who like the idea that we are posting even some of the same content that people post to the Fridge

    <akgraner> Sorry - I lost signal Sad :-(

    <nhandler> akgraner: No problem. I can see that having that info in one place could be useful. But if we do that, I don't think we should post it back to the Planet

    <cjohnston> maybe remove the planet feed post from some parts of the fridge?

    <nhandler> I think it is useful to repost important announcements, but for normal news that we repost, having it once on the planet is enough imo

    <akgraner> we want to be a trusted source - of Ubuntu Information - a source that people know if they missed it on the Planet, or Canonical voices, or where ever,

    <akgraner> they 1st thing they Think of is "I know the Fridge would have that information"

    <akgraner> s/they/the

    <akgraner> nhandler, that's any easy fix in my mind we just don't add the tag

    <nhandler> Yeah, it is more a matter of formalizing which types of posts should go on the planet

    <akgraner> nods - which is all part of this re'org

    <cjohnston> I think that discussion can wait until we get closer to going live with the new fridge

    <akgraner> well we can get it all in place then tweak it

    <akgraner> no biggie :-D

    <cjohnston> when we have a dev site to play with

    <akgraner> 6-8 weeks I am told

    <akgraner> ok it's almost 10 after - anything else? from anyone?

    <akgraner> another meeting in about 4 weeks is that ok with everyone?

    <cjohnston> when is 200?

    <akgraner> July 8th same time?

    <akgraner> July 3rd weekend

    <akgraner> I'll be posting more stuff in the channel next week about that

    <cjohnston> do we want a meeting specific to that prior?

    <akgraner> as I will need some volunteers to interview some people prior

    <akgraner> I don't think we will need it

    <cjohnston> ok

    <ZachK_> akgraner: i'll help with that too

    <akgraner> as of right now it's only a handful of people working on it and we are all in the channel during the week

    <cjohnston> cool

    <nhandler> akgraner: You never answered my question about who exactly is working on preparing the WP fridge? Is it newz?

    <akgraner> nhandler, I am told it is based on the new Canonical Voices theme

    <cjohnston> nhandler: we dont know iirc

    <cjohnston> but not new

    <cjohnston> newz

    <akgraner> however, I don't know who is doing that yet...

    <akgraner> no confirmation on if its newz or not - but I have been given a couple names of people to touch base with next week

    <ZachK_> akgraner: ok i'm out..if you need me send me a memo via memoserv or facebook me

    <akgraner> so I don't want to say - x is working on it when they aren't

    <akgraner> so let me find out who exactly

    <akgraner> (and the new Canonical voices theme is not in place yet either so I haven't seen it yet either)

    <akgraner> ZachK_, k - thanks for attending

    <akgraner> so as soon as I know you all will be the 1st to know

    <nhandler> Great, thanks a lot

    <nhandler> It is good having a name. Otherwise, things tend not to happen

    <akgraner> I don't like withholding information - I'm all for empowering everyone

    <akgraner> nhandler, yep Smile :-)

    <cjohnston> g'nite all

    <nhandler> Anything else to discuss?

    <akgraner> so if there is nothing else - great meeting and We'll touch base again on July 8th, 2010 - 2000 UTC

    <akgraner> nope - we went through it all for tonight

    <nhandler> If you add that to the fridge and email a reminder, I'll be there (hopefully) Smile :)

    <akgraner> I'll get the logs and minutes out as soon as possible

    <akgraner> nhandler, yep life got in the way the last couple weeks - sorry about that

    <nhandler> You rock akgraner

    <akgraner> thanks...

    <akgraner> and thanks everyone for a great meeting - I'll get everything posted as soon as possible and start getting information to the mailing list as well

    <akgraner> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 00:16

People Present

  • akgraner
  • cjohnston
  • ZachK_
  • pleia2
  • nhandler

Actions Recorded

  • - akgraner to send info on what is needed for UWN to news-teams and loco-contacts list
  • - akgraner to send call for volunteers to help re'org wiki pages

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