Meeting opened by akgraner at 23:01

  • <akgraner> we can add other topics at the end as I didn't send out reminder for this meeting - but it was in the topic - but I'll do better next month and adding all the meeting stuff to a check list as well

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - Fridge

- Fridge

  • <zkriesse> akgraner: I'll help you make a wiki page for that if you wish

    <akgraner> zkriesse, thank you!

    <zkriesse> Big Grin :)

  • zkriesse goes quiet

    <akgraner> [ACTION] zkriesse to help with News team meeting wiki

zkriesse to help with News team meeting wiki

  • <zkriesse> Uh oh..now I done it

    <akgraner> so the status of the new WP Fridge is that we now have access to a staging environment to start work on it

    <akgraner> and I have asked that nhandler and pleia2 have access in addition to myself

    <zkriesse> cool

    <akgraner> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/WebThemes

    <nhandler> akgraner: Is there anyone besides newz who has full access to it? Otherwise, it might be difficult to migrate earlier friddge content

    <akgraner> There will be right now this is to get it set up

    <akgraner> it's not on a Canonical Server right now but a private one

    <nhandler> Ah, ok. I assume that will also change, correct?

    <akgraner> but as we get closer to going live it will be moved over and the migration will start happening

    <nhandler> Smile :)

    <akgraner> [LINK] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/WebThemes

  • <akgraner> if you look at this wiki, you'll get some idea of what we are going for but that is not set in stone as who knows what will work or not look until we get it organized and use it for a while

    <akgraner> But it goes to the idea that The Fridge that news source and place to get to many of the areas of the community

    <akgraner> any other questions on that? As there isn't much more to tell until we actually get those things implemented but we are closer than we were last month

    <nhandler> When are we aiming to have the new fridge ready to go live? Or is that still up in the air?

    <akgraner> Well we were aiming for end of July but I think that will depend on how soon you and lyz can help with all that...

    <akgraner> So I am thinking that full migrating could be set for End of August? Any thoughts?

    <nhandler> That sounds like a good goal, but a lot will also depend on Canonical (i.e. helping to migrate old posts and move to a Canonical-hosted server, dns, etc)

    <akgraner> I agree but I need to tell let them know when we would like to shoot for

    <akgraner> and ask them if that sounds ok to them

    <zkriesse> Sounds good to me

    <akgraner> anything else about all that?

    <nhandler> Nope

    <zkriesse> not from me

    <akgraner> So in reference to Editing procedures for the Fridge - I just wanted to remind myself and others that we have a wiki for those

    <akgraner> and if you are ever questioning if a story should go on the Fridge review this document

    <akgraner> [LINK] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/EditorGuidelines

  • <akgraner> and if you think it should still go on - then there is nothing wrong with creating a page and asking another editor to review it

    <akgraner> I ask nhandler and pleia2 to look over stuff all the time

    <nhandler> Just make sure you don't check 'Publish' when you create the page Wink ;)

    <akgraner> nhandler, thanks for mentioning that Smile :-)

    <akgraner> any thoughts? questions?

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - UWN


  • <akgraner> contributions

    <akgraner> we now have more and more people from all parts of the community adding stories on the wiki, in the channel, email, and more - Which is awesome!

    <akgraner> so more people are helping - and people have stepped up to take responsibility for various sections another plus

    <akgraner> so if you know someone that wants to help write summaries please send them this way we can always use help with the summaries as well

    <akgraner> any questions or thoughts about Contributions/Contributors?

  • zkriesse has a question

    <zkriesse> That contributor page akgraner you never told me if it was complete or not

    <akgraner> zkriesse, I looked over it - and it looked complete - and review it every quarter or at least cycle it should be easy to maintain

    <zkriesse> roger

    <akgraner> thank you again!

    <zkriesse> yup

    <akgraner> Ok UWN How To - we now have one Smile :-)

    <zkriesse> we do?

    <akgraner> [LINK] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies

  • <zkriesse> once again long

    <akgraner> well there are many steps and each step is important

    <zkriesse> of course

    <akgraner> and you may say - Oh I don't need those steps written down - and then someone over looks it

    <zkriesse> Yeah that's true...very good list's akgraner

    <akgraner> so I wrote each step down so there would be no question as to what comes next

    <akgraner> and in case I get hit by a bus I wanted everyone to know what to do

    <nhandler> akgraner: Any objections to expanding on some of the explanations?

    <akgraner> it takes about 45-and hour to publish UWN once we proof it and say it's ready to go

    <akgraner> no objections from me

    <akgraner> just let me know which ones need more explanation

    <nhandler> akgraner: Yeah, I mainly want to add a few more links and stuff like that. It is really a nice page

    <zkriesse> +1 akgraner

    <akgraner> sure no problem there is also a page that explains each section as well

    <akgraner> [LINK] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/SectionGuidelines

  • <akgraner> so this page should help people decide what should go in each section - but many times its just a judgment call

    <akgraner> Any questions about the howto?

  • zkriesse has none

    <nhandler> Nope. You did a great job on it

    <zkriesse> Totally agree nhandler

    <akgraner> so the how to and the checklist I cover there - nhandler thanks

    <zkriesse> You did an awesome job akgraner

    <akgraner> [TOPIC] - Other

- Other

  • <akgraner> so in case you all didn't know - sabdfl blogged about the 200th issue on his blog

    <nhandler> Yep. I saw that. It was a plesent surprise in the morning Smile :)

    <pleia2> yeah, good job guys Big Grin :)

    <akgraner> and reads every issue - he also mentioned in his interview for the 200th issue how much he appreciates everyone who works on UWN

    <akgraner> Jane Silber also sent her appreciation and thanks along with Joey Stanford and Jorge Castro in their interviews

    <akgraner> pleia2, thanks!

    <nhandler> akgraner: We should probably make sure the UWN #200 interviews land on the wiki interview page

    <akgraner> nhandler, +1 - Can you do that?

    <nhandler> akgraner: Yeah. Can you give me an [ACTION] so I have it in my records Wink ;)

    <akgraner> [ACTION] nhandler to add Issue 200 interviews to interviews wiki

nhandler to add Issue 200 interviews to interviews wiki

  • <nhandler> Smile :)

    <akgraner> nhandler, thanks!

    <akgraner> so that's all I have folks? Anything from anyone before we end the meeting?

    <nhandler> Nope. You will take care of minutes/email and updating the fridge calendar akgraner ?

    <akgraner> yeppers Smile :-) I'll action item that

    <akgraner> [ACTION] - minutes/email and updating the fridge calendar from tonights meeting

- minutes/email and updating the fridge calendar from tonights meeting

  • <akgraner> Thanks everyone!

    <nhandler> Great meeting everyone

    <akgraner> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 23:41

People Present

  • nhandler
  • akgraner
  • zkriesse
  • pleia2

Actions Recorded

  • zkriesse to help with News team meeting wiki
  • nhandler to add Issue 200 interviews to interviews wiki
  • - minutes/email and updating the fridge calendar from tonights meeting

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